Windows 8 Recovery Options

Microsoft Windows operating system designed in such a way that if something goes wrong troubleshoot and fix it automatically or notify user to create actions to fix those issues. There are cases that your system might face serious damage that could not be fixed automatically and recovery plan is needed. For example, if hard disk of your Laptop or PC damage or someone might stole your Laptop. In such cases, other than cost of damage , you will lost your data which are very important for you such as your family pictures, projects that you are working on, important emails that are stored in your computer, etc. For this reason, there are great recovery options in Windows 8 for you to back up your data and restore them when it needed. In Windows 8 backup is done by File History, to start using File History you will need an external hard disk that connect to your PC or external storage that connect through network and you could setup to back up your data and if something bad happens, your Laptop stolen, your hard disk break, you could use File History to recovery your files. It is recommended to setup File History and consider to get enough storage for all of your data. One advantage thing about file history is that you could restore files from each folders. Let say you deleted some files from one of your folders and you don’t remember it, all you need is to browse to that folder, connect the media which contains backup and click on History to find it. To learn more about File History take a look at How to use File History.

There are cases that your Windows 8 might not started due to several issues or you need Windows 8 media to repair your Windows. You might not have access to Windows media all the time. The PC that you bought doesn’t come with Windows 8 DVD or you might get Windows 8 through online download or you might lost media for you Windows. Most laptops comes with a recovery partition that you could use it to restore your Windows but it will format and delete all your data. If you want to order Windows 8 DVD, it might take time. To prevent such a problems, it is good idea to create your own recovery drive and if your Windows face a problem such as it is unable to boot or start, you could use that to resolve the issue. It is very easy to create recovery partition, take a look at Create a USB recovery drive.

If you are using Windows 8 or you are planning to get one, make sure to setup File History and create recovery drive. They are good options and might help you in future.


Use Backup, Save Data

Backup is important factor in computer security. Computer administrators will understand what I mean, when they are facing to user’s mistake and server down and several data loss issue that backup help them. It is matter in large organization and big enterprise and people who are dealing with huge number of users and PCs.

However, for personal users and people who might use only one PC, backup is also a matter. The reason that we need backup is do recovery easier and cheaper. There are scenarios that you might loss your data such as your emails, documents, family or personal photo and several things that you store in your PC and are important for you. There are many cases and possibilities that you might loss your data. Sometimes data losses are in software level, such as Malware (Virus, Trojan, Worm…) will damage or remove your data or you might accidently remove your data or you might remove data completely and later on you change your mind and want it to get back. Sometimes it is hardware cause, such as your hardware will physically damage (for example your laptop fell down) or someone stole your PC and it is not easy to find it and you could name it, several issue might happen that you will say “Oh…I wish I have copy of those data”. In case that your harddisk which contain your data and information damage, sometimes you could recover data but it will be very expensive. Therefore, it is good idea to have frequent backup plan. Backup is easier and better than copy and paste, when I discuss backup some people said that I always do copy and paste in external device (such as external harddrive). Yes, that is an idea but it is not a good one. Backup is an application; it will be inside your Windows. When you chose to do backup, it will scan your PC for files and folders and application that you need to do backup such as your images, your videos, your documents and it will not copy unnecessary files and folder and data such as Windows files, because when you lost your data and you want to reinstall windows, then you just need to reinstall Windows and everything is in your Windows files and you only need Windows DVD or CD to do that and they are not necessary to backup. Backup software are smart enough to know what should be backup and what should not. And the good thing is that you could setup schedule that when do backup (daily, monthly…). The time that you do backup is depend on you, if you are create new things every day, then chose daily back up, if you are create new things not so often, the chose monthly. Create new things here what I mean is that some user might have several email in day in their PC (not on web) or they may create new documents and copy and take new pictures everyday or sometimes user only might create new document or these stuff sometimes in a month. If you setup a backup policy, then if you lost your PC, harddisk, data and in general times that you will say “I wish that I had copy of this”, you will have one. Also if you create backup, then you could recover it easily. Just with simple clicks, you do backup and with other simple one do restore. There are two types of backup; first one is general backup, as I explain it wills only backup important data and information not everything. Another type of backup is backup image; it will create back of everything including your Windows, Setting, Programs and everything. It is much easier for you, as long as if you lost your harddisk and you should reinstall Windows and every other program and do backup. You only need to restore this (backup image) and it will restore your Windows and Program and everything. However this type of backup take longer time to be backup and longer time to restore , but they recover everything. General backup will faster in backup and restore. In Windows XP, you probably have backup but you did not notice that, the backup option in Windows XP is good but it is not very user friendly. In Windows Vista, backup option become great with nice and more friendly interface and easier to use. In Windows 7, it enhances and become nicer and easier. Here are some links to learn more about backup in Windows Operating system:

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

For backup image

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Note: In Windows XP Home Edition, the backup option might not available and you should install it, in order to do that visit:

Now, let me give you some tips:

1)      If you have more than one PC in your home and you want to have small server and manage them, it is good idea to use Windows Home Server, it come with good backup feature that will do backup in all PC that connect to it. Note that it is Home Server for Home user and is NOT recommending for enterprise and company. For more information about backup in Windows Home Server visit:

2)      For Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). You could save documents on server for free. There is a tools call, Office Live Add-on, it is available in your Windows update, checks your Windows update for all custom and recommended update and you will find it. However for more information visit: .

You could save your Microsoft Office’s documents on the web. For more information visit: . You need Windows Live ID (it is your hotmail account too), in order to access files, but in order to protect yourself use strong password and make sure you are only type your password in safe location.


You could backup you data on CD, DVD, removable devices (flash-memory, thumb-drive, external harddisk) and also on the network. But make sure put these backup in safe location and do not always carry them around with you in unsafe place. In some cases sometimes backup and laptop stolen together, make sure that will not happen to you. But if you need to bring your backup storage (external harddisk, CD, DVD…) around then create multiple backup in two different backup storage. One day, your backup will save you.