Windows Mobile is the Most Secure Mobile Operating System in the World

If you are having a Smart Phone, your phone is running on specific operating system. If you are using iPhone, the operating system is iOS and if you are using other phones, you might be using Android. There is another type of operating system which unfortunately not many people are using it which is Windows Mobile. You may see different Phone Manufacturers who are producing Windows Mobile especially Lumia Phone series which manufactured by Microsoft Mobile and in past it was Nokia. Technically speaking there are advantage and disadvantage of using phone running Windows Mobile, for example you have feature known as Continuum which if your Mobile Hardware support it, you could just take your phone instead of your laptop and connect it to a mouse, keyboard and monitor and use it in place of your laptop or tablet. But here security in Windows Mobile will be discussed.

In term of security, we could say Windows Mobile could consider as the most secure operating system for Mobile Device in the planet. You have good encryption technique in place, you couldn’t just root it and install and copy whatever you want. All application should be signed and usually download from Windows Store. So you couldn’t just take a phone and insert it into your PC to install malware. In addition, security in Windows Store is so high, unlike Apple’s iTunes and Android’s Google Play, which several malwares and unapproved apps have been published. In Windows Store, there wasn’t much case of malware (almost 0) and it is because of its through verification and checking of applications there. In addition, in Microsoft, there is Windows team which is responsible of developing Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile and they are one strong team who deal with global cyber-threats and they have better control over handling vulnerabilities.

In general Windows Mobile is secure because of its design and also process to verify applications and deploy updates. In addition, it provides a great tools like Visual Studio to develop apps for Windows Mobile and if you are software developer, you may easily adapt security mythologies like Security Development Lifecycle and make sure your code would be secure out of the box and it will be verified by experts. So if you are care about security for your phone, consider using a device running Microsoft Mobile. If you are developer, you could consider developing App for Microsoft Mobile and good news is you may develop universal App which work on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile and your App would be secure out of the box. In other world, if you App is not secure, it won’t get into Store and this is how trust being built between consumer and developer by making sure they could get apps with peace of mind from Windows Store.



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