Privacy in Windows 10

Some people complain about privacy in Windows 10 and some even claim Microsoft steal data and abuse them. What is really interesting, those who claiming just talk based on assumptions and their feeling rather than tangible evidence or proof and they never read the Microsoft Privacy Statement even once. Microsoft has a dedicated site contains detail description of privacy statements which is Microsoft Privacy Statement. It contains information related to all Microsoft products. However, if are looking for privacy statement specifically for Windows 10, take a look at Windows 10 Privacy.

This how it works, you have control over your privacy, you could set whether share information with Microsoft or not. Sharing information is not a bad thing, for example, when your location is being share, it is automatic service which could suggest services around your location. So when you travel to another country, it won’t display restaurant in your home country. But you could disable this if you want. You may also choose to use Microsoft Account for login or use Local Account. So if you are using Microsoft Account, you have ability to share your setting across devices. In this case, you are sharing settings but you are getting services for that. However, you have option to set Windows to share nothing or share some of your data and everything which is being share will be store and process automatically.

However, in sensitive cases like military, government agency, they might consider share nothing but get receive some services. For example, instead of using Microsoft Account to share setting, they could login to their local Domain Account and do the same thing but their data being store and process locally in their data center. Instead of using OneDrive to share their data in Microsoft data center, they may share their data locally in their own data center and manage by OneDrive for Business.

Therefore, in area of privacy in Windows 10, you have transparency to see what information are being share, why they are being shared and benefit of sharing data. You also have control, so you may choose not to use specific service and don’t share your data. Or you may go for private cloud scenario where a trusted administrator would have power over control and manage your data.




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