Upgrade to Windows 10 is Act for Enhancing International Cyber-Security

Free upgrade to Windows 10 and Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 is still on the way and it will be ended soon. Many people really loved the offer and enjoy upgrade and using Windows 10, while some people didn’t have a very positive experience or they upgrade to Windows 10 and revert back to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. It is important to review why upgrading to Windows 10 is important. It is not only issue with better operating system but it is matter of security. Experience with fighting against cybercriminals, malwares, hackers and others in all over the world is the general idea behind the Windows 10 security. You are talking about operating system designers who have been fighting against cybercrime for many years in all sectors from home user to industry, government and so on. The experience show taught them how to build the next version of Windows stronger and it was the trend for each version of Windows to become stronger than previous version. Currently, Windows 10 is the strongest Windows against cyber threats. In general, I could say Windows 10 is the most secure Operating System in the planet. In addition, the new model of Windows which is Windows as a Service, enhance this security model meaning, you are receiving new builds and new security improvements will integrate into each build.

Therefore, upgrading to Windows 10 is wise decision in many areas including security. You need to have powerful weapon to fight against powerful enemies and modern hackers and Windows 10 will give you such weapons. When you upgrade to Windows 10, you have all you need to defend against hackers and of course depending on your security requirements you could enhance these features or add new protection or install new programs which enhance your security too. When we look into upgrading to Windows 10 across a country, it means users in the country would have a better protection against cyber-threats so we will see less zombies, malware infection, successful hackers there. This means better national security, because the citizen in the country are protected by default and when citizens are protected, then hackers would have difficult time to setup station there. When we look into Windows 10 upgrade in international point of view, it has high impact on international cyber security. It is very difficult to control every single user in the world to make sure they are protected against cyber threats and their PC is not target for Zombies, botnets, hackers and other cybercrime activities. However, when the have the latest protection in their system through Windows 10, they are protected against most threats out of the box. For this reason, I am asking everyone to encourage your friend to upgrade to Windows 10 and if you haven’t upgrade yet, please do so. It might seem like just another upgrade or another Windows but in reality it is positive act for better international cyber security.



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