Hackers Want You to Use Crack Software!!

Software piracy has been an issue for many years. Companies losing profit and end users harm their productivities. This is lose-lose situation for software providers and end users. It is only winning situation for cybercriminals and hackers. Let see how cybercriminals gain profit from cracking software.

It is not easy to crack software, they will need to spend days or months to analyze software, reverse engineer it and even after they succeed to crack it, they should solve issues with post-reverse problems. And once they did it, they sell it for very cheap price or for free. Have you ever asked yourself, why someone have to spend so much resources on cracking software and then distribute it for cheap price or free? This is what happens, in many cases, they have backdoors and malwares already installed. So without spending any resources and figuring out how to bypass firewall, anti-virus, etc. They just have something inside your crack software. If the crack software is operating system like Windows or MacOS, they could even do more, they could release new backdoor instead of update. They could change OS in a way that Anti-Virus software couldn’t detect it. So when you want to save some money, you will have to pay even more.

Experience shows pirate version of software is weak against threats and usually comes with spying tools and backdoors. In addition, there won’t be any support for pirate software so if there is legitimate security issue in the system, no one is going to help you to fix it and you have to spend several resources to fix the issue.

For this reason, you should always use genuine version of software and once you do that, you could come and think about protecting your system. However, if you are using pirate software, you have no way to protect yourself. It is also a good way to check if someone is really a security expert or pretend to be one. If someone said, I am security expert but he or she is using pirate software or distributing crack, you could be sure, that person recently started something about security but has a very very very long way to become security expert.



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