Report Malwares to Malware Killers

If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8, you have Anti-Malware software build into your PC. It is Windows Defender and it is full Anti-Malware protection. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows Defender is Anti-Spyware only and it won’t protect you against all malwares but you may use Microsoft Security Essentials which is full Anti-Malware software. In general, I recommend all of you consider upgrading to Windows 10 which has the best protection against cyber-threats.

Anti-Malware products are trying their best to protect you. There are Microsoft Anti-Malware labs around the world and researchers there work on finding sample of malwares, analyze them and make sure their Anti-Malware product is capable of protecting users worldwide. There are smart engines in Anti-Malware products which are able to detect unknown malwares (the one which are not detectable) by their behaviors. There are many techniques and methods to detect, protect and remove malwares from a PC. But unfortunately, there is no Anti-Malware product which is capable of detect everything. Malware authors, try their best to bypass Anti-Malware products while Anti-Malware vendors including Microsoft try their best to make sure their product it capable of detecting every malware. While the battle between Microsoft Malware Protection team and bad guys who try to take over your Windows and bypass the Anti-Malware products is going on, you might wonder how you could help them.

If you ever faced any sample which might be suspicious and Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials or any other Anti-Malware product is unable to detect it, you could submit sample to Microsoft Malware Protection Center. Your sample will be analyzed and if you already login, you may see the list of submission results. Please take note, if you believe your PC is already infect, DO NOT sign in with Microsoft Account, because there might be a keylogger or spyware which could steal your username and password. You could submit sample anonymously by just enter a name. Doing so would help people in Microsoft Malware Protection Center to analyze sample and make Anti-Malware product smarter and of course block more malwares.

Let say, if you face a website which might contains malware, you could submit sample in Internet Explorer by open Tools->Safety->Report unsafe website and in Microsoft Edge, click on tools->Send Feedback->Report unsafe website and in the menu, and select I believe this is a malicious website. It helps Microsoft to block malicious website and also investigate the website for possible unknown malwares.

In Microsoft, there are many people who are trying their best to protect you against cyber-threats, so let’s work together and help them to bring a better cyberspace. If you are using non-Microsoft Anti-Malware products, you still could report sample of malware to Microsoft Anti-Malware Protection Center just in the list, select product as Others and then explain your issue in Additional Information.


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