Protect Yourself against 0-Days with EMET 5.5

Microsoft EMET 5.5 recently released to the public, it has been in beta version for a while and now it is finalized and is ready to use. So what is it and why we should use it?

EMET stands for Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, from the name itself you could see what it does. It improves protection against threats to your Windows. In the other word, it helps you to enhance protection in your system. Mainly it is additional protection layer to your PC which protects you against 0-days attacks. As a user, you could just download and install it and then select recommended setting and it stays there and protect you. However, if you are expert and you know how to work with applications and memory, then you could play around with settings in EMET. You could define application to be protected with EMET and protection that should be applied. If you are not sure what they are means, you could always refer to Microsoft TechNet website. For example if you are wonder what does DEP (Data Execution Prevention) means, you could search for it in Microsoft TechNet and learn more. Installing EMET could cause some sort of compatibility issues and crash application but the default setting would help you to protect yourself and application and protect against vulnerabilities.

Version 5.5 of EMET is the first final release of EMET which support Windows 10 and also Group Policy, so it is a good news for Windows 10 users and IT Administrators. You may download EMET 5.5 from Microsoft Download page.




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