Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

There has been exciting offer for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users which is they could upgrade to Windows 10 for free for limit time. This is not a trial or expiry version which means once you upgrade and make sure your PC is activated successfully under Windows 10. You could continue to use it and reinstall it on your device later on but you must do it while offer is valid.

There are many discussion about whether should we use this offer or not. Many people enjoy the offer and upgrade to Windows 10 while some people are not happy and they return to previous version of Windows. In any case, let discuss why it is important to upgrade to Windows 10 from security perspective.

Like any new version of Windows there are many improvement in security of Windows, feature which you might not see them but they are integrated into the operating system. There are many exciting features for IT professionals like Device Guard and enhanced Group Policy setting but it is exciting for many of non-IT professionals. First interesting thing is the new policy for Windows Update which they will be download and install without bother the user. The good side of this improvement is PCs are always updates. I have seen users who are not expert so they never check their updates and some unprofessional people telling them turn off your update, it is useless and so on. With new enhancement in Windows Update, you just have to connect to internet and Windows will know what should be done. Windows Defender is built into Windows (This happened since Windows 8) but if you are using Windows 7, you don’t have to worry about what Anti-Virus you should install, you already have Windows Defender there.

There are improvement in security for your browser and if you are using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, now you are protected against drive-by attacks and infected object inside safe website. To put is simple, if you use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, you are more protected.

There is no boundary for improvement and enhancing security, it is the latest version of Windows and is the most secure operating system. One interesting point is Microsoft will look into previous vulnerabilities and attacks and try to improve the operating system in each release. In the past, this would be done by releasing Service Packs to improve overall protection of the system and then by enhancing security features in next release of Windows but now Windows is a service. Which means you get regular builds which comes with several improvements and enhancements in many areas including security. Windows Insider is also a great way to help in area of security. Many people have been asking how we could involve in improving Windows. And honestly speaking, in the past there wasn’t much channel to get involve with Windows team. But now, there is Windows Insider when people could try Windows and submit feedbacks (including the one related to security) and help to make Windows even greater.

With Windows 10, we are starting new revolution to enhance security in the world. More people are getting engage to shape up security. Windows are getting updates regularly so no more issue with out of date operating system. If you uninstall your Anti-Virus (let say it has been expired) you won’t be ask risk because Windows Defender will take over and protect you.

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, start upgrading to Windows 10 today. If you are running older version of Windows like Windows Vista or Windows XP (which is no longer supported). It is good time to consider upgrading to Windows 10 too. Let’s all move to more secure Windows.



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