Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge Protects you Against Drive-By Attacks

Internet Explorer came with very interesting feature known as SmartScreen filter and it protects you against websites containing Malware and Phishing. This feature first introduced in Internet Explorer 7, moving forward it became smarter and in Windows 8, it integrate inside Windows , so if you try run a files from other sources (without download it over internet) for example copy it from a USB drive, it check and warn user if it contains malware or is suspicious file. In Windows 10, SmartScreen feature becomes even smarter on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (which is new browser) in Windows 10. Now, with the latest update, it protects against drive-by attacks. If we want to explain drive-by attack in simple word, consider yourself visiting a website which seems to be safe and just by visiting the website your PC get infected with malware or in worse case, it get hacked. You might notice a case, when you just visit a website and your Anti-Virus software shows it blocked or removed a malware and you might wonder what’s happened. So far Anti-Virus software was the one way to protect users against these attacks and another mitigation method was keep your system and all applications updates. With new improvement in SmartScreen filter for Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, you are being protected against this type of attack.

In this case we have one additional protection layer which improves your protection. In past, if there was a website containing Drive-By attack only if you’re PC and all of your applications were updates, then you have been protected. If they bypass this, like you have out of date software or application, then updated Anti-Malware product could have detect and block it. Now, with new enhancement in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, malicious websites are being blocked, so your Anti-Malware could rest a bit. You may refer to Evolving Microsoft SmartScreen to protect you from drive-by attacks for more details.



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