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For many years, people have been using password to login to their own devices. However, cybercriminals find ways to discover and break passwords and then people learn about creating a secure password which is a combination of number, symbol and alphabets and it is a long one about 8 and more characters which make it harder or almost impossible to break passwords. However strong password bring along some challenges. People keep forgetting their password because it is complex so they write it down somewhere and there was cases when unauthorized users gain access the password by finding the paper which contains password. In some organization the entire company used default and complex password which it makes it hard to recognize who has been login because entire company using same default but complex password. Selecting and managing password is complex challenge, you should choose a complex password to make sure nobody could guess or break it using hacking tools. You have to make sure password you won’t forget your password and you are only type it on trusted device and you have to use different passwords on different websites so if password stolen , hackers won’t be able to use the same username and password to login in other websites. The main problem with password is identity will be defined by someone who own your username and password. There is no way for a system to identify whether you are the original user or there is someone who is using your credential (Username and Password) to login on your behalf. Recently new methods have been implemented to make it easy for you to identify yourself. For example by sending temporary code to your mobile phone to identify you and let you login. In Windows 8, new method for login has been introduced to make it easier for you to login. You could login with a PIN which is a digit number, this mechanism is similar to the one you are using for your ATM using your ATM card and Picture Password when you set a picture and you chose some gestures on the photo to login. These methods make it easier for you to login because it is easier to remember PIN and Picture Password than remembering your complex alphanumeric password and it makes it easier to login to your PC. Fingerprint was also a way to login to your PC, it was recommended to use combination of fingerprint and password to login, because traditional fingerprint login wasn’t secure and in most cases, your fingerprint won’t encrypt and hackers could access it.

Things changed in Windows 10, there is a new feature known as Windows Hello which gives ability to login using your Fingerprint, Face Recognition or IRIS securely. These methods have been around for many years when you could install some third-party software to login with your face recognition using camera build in your PC. But these methods wasn’t secure as in most cases, they simply capture some image and when image match, it lets you login. There was possibilities to login just with image of the user and with some hacking methods. Windows Hello change this, you could login with Face Recognition but it could identify whether you are you or someone pretending to be you using your photo or some other hacking methods. It enhance recognition for fingerprint too. It won’t just save fingerprint as an image but it store it in a way which is more secure.

Cool thing about Windows Hello is you are protected against hackers and you don’t need to remember or write down anything. You just have to sit in front of your PC and it will recognize you. Or you need to use your finger to login. Windows Hello is as strong as password and it also could differentiate identical twins too.

However, you should remember for Windows Hello, you need specific hardware like you couldn’t use any normal camera but you need camera which support requirements for Windows Hello. If you are using old PC which camera is not supported by Windows Hello. You could buy external camera and use Windows Hello. There are new PCs on the market which already build with cameras supporting Windows Hello and more will be available soon. To check whether your hardware meets requirements for Windows Hello, just open Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options, you should be able to see Windows Hello. If not, it means your hardware is not supported or not configured to support Windows Hello. To learn more about Windows Hello, take a look at:


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