Report Technical Support Scammers to Microsoft

Many people fall into a trap of someone calling them and claim to be from Microsoft or Microsoft partner and asking users to grand them remote access to their PCs or trick them by asking them to look into event viewer or system log and charge them for providing service to them. It wasn’t very easy to take legal action against these people, because scammers and victims might live in different countries and working with police departments across different countries is not an easy task. There are many ways to help people to protect themselves. One way was helping them to identify scams and taking actions when they fall into such scam like the post about Hello, I am from Microsoft???!!!!!!!! and in most cases they have to report this to their bank to stop transaction from their account or get refund if they proof the fraud case and also reporting to local authorities in charge of fraud in the country to take legal action.

It was a good way to protecting people, however you could report such a scam easier by reporting directly to Microsoft. If you ever receive a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft or Microsoft partners, then take a note of all information of scammer like the name, company they claim to be from what they ask you to do. Make sure do NOT share any information or details with them. A good strategy is to just listen to them and take a note and NEVER share anything not even your name or the PC which you are using.

Then you could visit Microsoft’s report scam website and report it. Then you should fill up the form carefully and provide as much as information as you can. Make sure write details as accurate as possible, because your report will be used for investigating the scam and could help many people who might fell into the same scam from the same company. This is a big step to fight against these scammers and good news is you could easily report such scam. In the past people facing such scam but they don’t where to report and now you could just report it directly to Microsoft.


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