Internet Explorer Blocks Out-of-Date ActiveX

ActiveX consider as a useful feature in Internet Explorer and thanks to ActiveX we are able to use plug-in and extensions which give us a better and richer web browsing experience. For one example, you could use Java to play online games and use web applications on your browser. Even though, ActiveX extensions consider to be helpful and productive, they might cause security problems and slow down performance of your browser. Manufacturers of ActiveX controller usually test their plug-ins and when they discover any issues, they attempt to fix it and release update and when the end user applies these updates, then they are protected against vulnerabilities and they have a faster and better browsing experience. Like we always encourage people to update everything in their PCs including Windows, Anti-Malware products and other applications, it is always recommended to update your ActiveX too. Many ActiveX controllers come with automatic update feature, for one example, you might have seen Java update notification in your PC which is something like the following:


When you click on the notification, it will open a page asking you to install the latest version of Java. However, there are many users who ignore updating their ActiveX and plug-in and this would put their PC at risk. New vulnerability could execute in an out-of-date ActiveX easily and it will result compromising the system and other damages. For this reason, the Internet Explorer will start protecting you against out-of-date ActiveX. If you already updated your Windows, when you visit a website which contains out of date ActiveX, you will get a warning to update it and the warning in Internet Explorer 8 would be as follow:




If you are using Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11, you will see the following warning:




It warn you about your out of date ActiveX and helps you to update it and this way it will protect you against vulnerabilities and help you to improve your experience on the web as new update contains performance improvement and bug fixes. There are many users who ignore update notification or they are unaware whether they are using updated ActiveX or not. This process help them by notifying them about out-of-date ActiveX. This feature does NOT support all ActiveX but the one which are affected by most users and it is an undergoing way and more ActiveX will be added to the list.

It is great news for many users , however some IT Administrators might concern that their companies is forced to use old version of ActiveX and this update might bother their users by keep notifying them about out-of-date ActiveX. In this case, you don’t have to be worry, you could use Group Policy to manage notification and enforce not notify users. It is not a good idea to stay on out-of-date ActiveX, but it is something you could do while you should plan support new updates and latest version. In addition, you could use Group Policy to enforce this setting and don’t let user to ignore update message and enforce them to update their ActiveX to protect your entire company and get rid of out-of-date ActiveX. You may learn more about these updates from Internet Explorer Blog.


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