United Nation for Cloud

Cloud Computing is a new opportunity for everyone and it opens new possibilities for us to grow our business and improve productivity. However one main question is how about my privacy in the cloud? With current cloud computing law we are some problems related to privacy and some of them are:

  • You might subject to law of another country: Let say you are requesting a cloud service from a company which is outside your home country. For example most of famous cloud providers including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc. are based in U.S. and when you want to request a cloud service you are subject to law of U.S. government. It raised some problems such as you might not be able to request for a cloud service, if your country is not in a good political relations with U.S. government (consider you are requesting service from a U.S. based company). In addition, if the government of the country which is cloud provider located there (in our case is U.S.), request to enforce law such as request search your data using search warrant , the company has no power to stop it.


  • Your won’t get notify when your data is being search: When legal authority want to search your home, they have to request for search warrant and then they will come over your house and tell you we are from police, national security, etc. and they will show you their identity card and search warrant and then, they will start searching you place. When your place is being search, you will know. However I cloud is different story. You won’t get notice when your data is being search and you won’t see any search warrant or notice that you are being searched.



  • International law won’t enforce properly: Let say, legal authority of country A want to search you place and you are living in country B. Normally, they are not allowed to just fly over to your place and start searching. Instead they have to go through a proper diplomacy protocol like first they need permission from government of country B (which is country which you are staying in) and then after they check and verify everything, then they are allowed to search your place. In cloud computing there is no such a case and if your data hosted in country A, without getting approval from country B, they could just search your data.


Above are some of privacy concerns about privacy in cloud and there are more. To resolve privacy problems in cloud we should adapt new law. A special law for cloud when governments won’t have a power to search data. A team should be formed from member of all countries over the world and they should have a power to enforce laws and legal related to cloud. There is a need to an organization like United Nation for Cloud which no country would have superior power over enforcing law on data and if there is a case of illegal activities, they have to submit their request to this group and when they approved based on international protocols, then they will enforce it and search data.



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