Internet Explorer 11 Is The Most Secure Browser Against Malwares

Many users share story of visiting a website or downloading something over internet and they encourage certain problems like unwanted popups, unwanted email, unauthorized access to their PC and so on. In the other world they get infected with malicious software or malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware…). Because many people connecting internet to download, watch, read things through a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome…), it is important to use a browser to protect you against malwares. Browsers start developing new technologies which protect users against malwares. But the question is how well they protect users? To answer this question, NSSLabs conduct an experiment and test different browsers and check how well they protect users against malwares. According to their experiment, average malware block rate is as follow (Note: the more block rate means the browser is more secure):


As you can see, Internet Explorer has the highest block rate compare to other browsers, which means if you visit a website containing malicious software, if you are using Internet Explorer, you are more protected against malicious software compare to other browsers. Your browser plays important in protecting people, so chose your browser wisely. Internet Explorer was the most secure browser according to previous experiments too. In this experiment, Internet Explorer 11 been used. You may refer to NSSLabs website for the complete report.





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