Goodbye Windows XP

Today (8 April 2014) is the last day for Windows XP. The support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 ends today. Windows XP officially released on year 2001 and it was the best operating system at that time, there is this interesting post on Microsoft news website about Windows XP: “Windows XP to Take the PC to New Heights”.

During those times computers and internet were not as common as today. There were many people around the world without access to internet and computer. Portable computers like laptops were expensive and not anyone afford to buy one. Internet Services was expensive and slow and if you want to browse internet and stay update in social networks (Facebook, Twitter…) like what we do today, probably you have to sell your call to pay bill for internet. There wasn’t much consideration on security that time since many people use Floppy Disk or CD to connect to internet and probably if someone want to connect to your PC remotely or hack into someone else PC then it would be more expensive than data which they would gain from your PC and hacking was mostly in level of governments and there were few cases of hacking incidents. Many of Windows XP users would connect to Internet without Anti-Malware and Firewall. Well, those times we call everything as Virus whether it was Trojan, Worm, Spyware and we uses the term of Anti-Virus rather than Anti-Malware or Security Software. Later on Internet become cheaper and faster. This gave advantage to many people when they could connect and browse internet for longer time and with a better price and this also give opportunity for bad guys and hackers to start using internet for criminal activities like stealing data, hack into computers and produce malwares. Then Microsoft, start fighting back, Windows Firewall been introduced and integrate into Windows XP with a Service Pack Update. Microsoft spends more resources to address security and using Anti-Virus products become more popular and well you should pay for an Anti-Virus software (most of the time). Windows XP indeed was a great operating system, however we should move forward and today is the day. We did say goodbye to Windows NT, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98 and other version of Windows. Today we will have to say goodbye to Windows XP.

Saying goodbye to Windows XP is starting new beginning, moving forward for Windows 8.1. Today you will receive the last update for Windows XP and you won’t receive any more update for Windows XP. In the other word, if new vulnerability discover (weakness in a system which cause cybercriminal takes over it), there won’t be any update or fix for it. If there is a new problem for Windows XP, there won’t be any official help or support for it. To make it simple, even though your Windows XP will be running like before but you will have to expect hackers and other cybercriminals take over it very soon. Cybercriminals just love operating system which won’t get update and they are at risk, because they could be hacked easier and without much trouble. And remember Anti-Malware or Anti-Virus software or Firewall alone won’t completely protects you against hackers and cybercriminals and you need update for your operating system to stay update.

Moving forward, you have to make a wise decision today, either you have to consider buying a new PC which is running Windows 8.1 or any other supported version of Windows or upgrade your existing Windows XP to Windows 8.1 or supported version of Windows. You could get started by looking into Windows XP end of support website.

There are people who might hesitate upgrading to Windows 8.1 saying we are not very familiar with its user interface or we like the old start screen (like Windows XP) than the new one (which is full screen Start). Even though, there are many people who love Windows 8’s start screen, however there is an update for Windows 8.1 which gives you start screen like previous version of Windows. This new update helps Windows XP users to feel modern experience of Windows on Windows 8.1 and they won’t miss Windows XP too much. You may take a look at Microsoft Blog about Windows 8.1 Update:

If you are still using Windows XP, today you have to say your farewell and more forward to Windows 8.1.


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