Governments are Spying !!!

Governments have ability to find everything about their citizens and non-citizens who are staying in their countries. They have ability to find information about citizen of people in another countries in many cases. Government spying backs to thousands years ago, when there wasn’t any internet, electricity, computer or phone. The main different is the way and method of spying been changed. In the past, the head of government would send spy over his or her country or other countries to gather information. Since they were supported by government and they were highly train people, it was very difficult or almost impossible to stop them. If government officials visits you and ask you that we have to search your place, you couldn’t do anything about it. The communication between people have been done using posting service, it was either by sending a letter by birds or by hand it over to people to carry them to other location. Of course those people have to pass through inspection in cities gate and if government looking for specific letter, they could find it through inspection or by capture birds that deliver letters.  Later on, telephone been invented, which people could pick it up and call someone else who has a phone. The phone operate by government or under control of private company that are being control by government. In this case, government could listen to your conversation anytime that they want. Similar principle applies for internet, if you are connecting to internet, you either subscribe to Internet Service Provider (ISP) or you own ISP. If you are subscribe , your internet provider is either directly under government control (public company) or indirectly in way that have to fully collaborate with government so government would give permission for them to operate (private company). If you own Internet Service, you still have to collaborate with government, otherwise, government could close down your business. Similar scenario applies to multinational companies such as Microsoft, Google, Intel, IBM, etc. Even though, these companies are multinational companies, they must follow law of U.S. Government and if they don’t follow such regulation, the government could close down their business or stop supporting them and so on. This is apply for other multinational companies such as Samsung and LG, that should collaborate with government of South Korea or Toshiba that should collaborate with Japanese government and other companies.

That’s why governments, create their own product and they are using different encryptions and security mechanisms to hide transform of information. But for individual, it is very difficult to completely protect your privacy. If you want to do that, you have to stop using internet, mobile phone and other means of communication. You shouldn’t write or store anything and everything should store and kept in your mind and you have to fully disconnect from the world, which is not a proper way. In order to protect privacy, people and government should work together and government should clarify what they collect and why they do so. Of course government might collect many data but doesn’t have resources to check them all. Just imagine number of people who are using internet or number of phone calls, SMS in your country. Government is busy with several tasks and only uses information that they needed. For example, they might develop a software to record all conversations over the phone in a country, but they will refer to it only when you are suspect of activity that put national or international security at risk.

Governments should define a privacy model for their people and give them chance to protect their privacy. Multinational companies need another protocol, since they are producing product for all people around the world, they shouldn’t be enforced to a specific government and they should take international seat which benefit everyone, not specific government. Those companies need international desk, something like United Nation, which benefits to all members countries. There is a need for an international organization that multinational companies follow their rule and regulations, instead of solely obey rule of one country, they have to obey rule that is benefit to everyone.


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