Anti-Virus for Windows 8.1 Preview

Windows 8.1 Preview is available and many of you might already tried it or you are planning to do so. Windows 8 comes with Anti-Malware which is Windows Defender and it will remains for Windows 8.1 Preview. You don’t have to be worry about Anti-Malware solution because is pre-loaded in Windows. However, you might want to try different Anti-Malware product. For Windows 8, most of security vendors provide Anti-Malware product that is working with Windows 8 and you probably using them. For Windows 8.1 Preview, some users come across problem that their existing Anti-Virus product is not working in Windows 8.1 Preview while it was working just fine in Windows 8 and it was compatible.

This is because Windows 8.1 Preview is under development and testing and is NOT the final release product and issues like compatibility issues, errors, crash, etc. are expected in preview version. There are Anti-Malware vendors who are open beta participation for next version of Anti-Virus product that will be working on Windows 8.1 Preview, it is good idea to participate in beta program and help product team to improve their products by submit feedback and report errors. There are other Anti-Virus products that might not work in Windows 8.1 Preview at the moment and there is no beta program for upcoming release, in that case you could search their forum for discussions about their Anti-Virus product in Windows 8.1 Preview and continue discussion, if there is no discussion, you could create one. If your Anti-Virus product is not working in Windows 8.1 Preview and there is no compatible of the Anti-Virus at the moment, you could just use Windows Defender that is pre-installed in your Windows 8.1 Preview for time being.

In general, if you face issue that you have Anti-Virus that was working in Windows 8 and is NOT compatible with Windows 8.1 Preview, then follow these steps:

1. Visit the Anti-Virus company website and look into beta or testing center and look for beta programs of Anti-Virus products that is working on Windows 8.1 Preview.

2. If there is no such program, search company website for Windows 8.1 Preview and look for discussion, news and articles in their website. You could refer to their forum and follow up discussion on Anti-Virus on Windows 8.1 Preview or open a new discussion , if there is no such discussion.

3. If there is no solution at the moment, you could just use Windows Defender in Windows 8.1 Preview and you could access it by search for Windows Defender. If you already installed any Anti-Virus, you could use Windows Defender by uninstall your existing Anti-Virus.

If you have Anti-Virus that is working on Windows 8 and is compatible with Windows 8, it will work in final release of Windows 8.1, but for preview version you might wait for a while for compatible version or wait for final release. Note that Windows 8.1 Preview is under development and testing and Anti-Virus companies are working to make sure their products will work in Windows 8.1. You could try Windows 8.1 Preview by download it from its official website.





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