Windows 8 Recovery Options

Microsoft Windows operating system designed in such a way that if something goes wrong troubleshoot and fix it automatically or notify user to create actions to fix those issues. There are cases that your system might face serious damage that could not be fixed automatically and recovery plan is needed. For example, if hard disk of your Laptop or PC damage or someone might stole your Laptop. In such cases, other than cost of damage , you will lost your data which are very important for you such as your family pictures, projects that you are working on, important emails that are stored in your computer, etc. For this reason, there are great recovery options in Windows 8 for you to back up your data and restore them when it needed. In Windows 8 backup is done by File History, to start using File History you will need an external hard disk that connect to your PC or external storage that connect through network and you could setup to back up your data and if something bad happens, your Laptop stolen, your hard disk break, you could use File History to recovery your files. It is recommended to setup File History and consider to get enough storage for all of your data. One advantage thing about file history is that you could restore files from each folders. Let say you deleted some files from one of your folders and you don’t remember it, all you need is to browse to that folder, connect the media which contains backup and click on History to find it. To learn more about File History take a look at How to use File History.

There are cases that your Windows 8 might not started due to several issues or you need Windows 8 media to repair your Windows. You might not have access to Windows media all the time. The PC that you bought doesn’t come with Windows 8 DVD or you might get Windows 8 through online download or you might lost media for you Windows. Most laptops comes with a recovery partition that you could use it to restore your Windows but it will format and delete all your data. If you want to order Windows 8 DVD, it might take time. To prevent such a problems, it is good idea to create your own recovery drive and if your Windows face a problem such as it is unable to boot or start, you could use that to resolve the issue. It is very easy to create recovery partition, take a look at Create a USB recovery drive.

If you are using Windows 8 or you are planning to get one, make sure to setup File History and create recovery drive. They are good options and might help you in future.


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