Scanner in Your Pocket

You might see PCs that are infected with Malware in public PCs and when you want to do run scan to remove those Malwares, you will notice that you login as standard user and you don’t have admin right. Administrator might not be around all the time and you will just give up or put a note for the administrator that please install updated version of Anti-Malware product on your PCs and the administrator might not care about it. In other scenarios, your friend might call you saying that their PC is infected and there is no way to remove Malware or there is a Malware that stop the PC from being boot up. If you are one the one that interest in security or you want help other people with Malware, it would be nice if you had a powerful Malware scanner in your pocket all the time. You could do that using Windows Defender Offline . It is very easy to create bootable scanner using this tools and you don’t need to be an expert to do that. Before creating Windows Defender Offline, you should remember these thing:

1.       It will completely format your USB/External Harddisk, therefore make sure you are using External Harddisk or flash memory that is empty or backup all of data from there because it will deleted.

2.       It will convert format of your flash memory to NTFS and create a name for it. You could reformat it to any type or rename it later on by right click on the device and click format

3.       It is recommend that only use the external device for scanning and don’t use to store personal data.

In order to create the scanner, you will need an USB Drive/CD/DVD with at least 250MB and you have to insert it into your PC and then visit Windows Defender Offline Website and download the tools in your PC and run it and you will see screen like below:

 Create Windows Defender Offline  

Read instruction to learn more about it and then press Next > it will show license agreement and you should it read and press I accept , then it will ask you about creating tools and you have to choose whether you want to create in CD/DVD or USB flash drive or create ISO and burn it to DVD later. Once you done these steps it will create it and it is ready to go. Let say if you create it into a USB drive, you could always have it in your pocket and if you face issues such as infected PC that couldn’t boot up or a Malware that already take over operating system and won’t let Anti-Malware to run, just insert your USB and run a full system scan and it will remove it. You should update this tools regularly and you could do that using the same tool which you create it and just insert USB and run the tools that you downloaded from the website to create it and it will guide you through update process. Now, you have a scanner on your pocket and you could use that to save infected PCs anytime.




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