My Email been Hacked!!!!

It might happen to everyone that someone or something gain access to your email. Your contact list could expose to others. Email on your behalf might send to others or your friends. Some of these emails, might contains Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware..,) and infect the receiver. You might not be able to login in your email and many other bad things might happen. In order to prevent such incidents, let’s discuss about how someone could gain access to your account. One common possible way is using hacking tools, someone might use tools to discover vulnerability in your system or ask you download some tools that gain unauthorized access. Another possible scenario is type of social engineering attacks. For example, you might use same password as your email for other websites and then one of those websites might get hacked and your password expose or it could be a phishing website. Another case, could be if you write down your password somewhere and someone read it or when you type your password, someone see it from your typing or record your typing using video and slow it down and view it later. It is possible to find password using recovery password methods, for example your security question could be “what is your favorite football team?” and many of your friends would know the answer. In other case, you might wrote your favorites or what you do in a website or you did an interview with press or someone find you lost diary and find about your favorites and answer question to password recovery. Such methods been around for many years and there been several warnings about such incidents, however every day many people report about their accounts been hacked by such techniques.

In case that someone trying to hack into your account using software (it could be someone that know you or someone who just looking for some target without knowing about them), you should keep your system protected. There are cases that certain software known as bots would randomly search PCs and finding vulnerability and use those vulnerabilities to copy them into the system and collect information such as username and password and send it to a server or from your email send unauthorized email to all your contact or certain people. In order to protect yourself, update your Windows and make sure your have Anti-Malware Software and Firewall and they are on. One easy way to check is open Control Panel  and then open Windows Security Center (Windows XP & Windows Vista) or Action Center (Windows 7 & Windows 8) and see your security status, is it okay or at risk? And do actions if needed (such as Update Windows, install Anti-Malware, etc). Other than that, you should make sure that all other software in your PC is update. For example, if you are using Java, make sure it set to check for update and you install all updates. Such actions would help you a lot and protects you against most of email hacking. If you want to do a quick test for Malware infection, you could run Microsoft Safety Scanner and make sure you run a full system scan. If there was any infection, you could click on that and if you have internet access read detail about it or write down their names and search later. Those details will give you good idea of what happened in your system. For example, it explain that one particular Malware is sending email on your behalf and if there is any other action that you should take to fully remove it.

You should concern about password recovery, just imagine if you don’t have access to your email or it been hacked, how could you reset your password? If you use security question, make sure it is known only to you and not something that everyone knows. You could also use different ways such as configure to do password recovery using SMS or Trusted PC or another email. Your password should be strong and not guessable. Strong password consist of alphabet uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase (a-z) and symbols (! @, #…) and numbers (0-9) and should mix of them and is long at least 7 to 8 character. Also, don’t write your password and make sure it is something that you only know and could memorize it. Your password recovery question that you chose when you want recover your password is as important as password itself and should not be guessable.

In case that you or anyone faces email hacking, do these steps:

  1. Run a full system scan with Microsoft Safety Scanner and read detail description of Malwares
  2. Update your Windows and check Action Center or Windows Security Center and see if something is wrong with your Windows Security or not?
  3. Change your email password
  4. Report it to your IT Admin (in company) or Email Provider and follow their guidance.
  5. If you are using any of below emails please follow their help in case of email hacking:

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