Windows Store Protects You

Windows 8 comes with a center that you could get applications that you want known as Windows Store. The idea is something similar to Windows Phone Store on devices that are running Windows Phone. Windows Store is a great to protect you against Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware…), Hackers and other online threats. The way that it protects you is very simple, whatever you download from Windows Store is already been tested and scan against threats. Developers could upload their application in Windows Store and it will go through a test and verification for Security and other things. If it contains Malware or harmful code, it won’t appear in Windows Store and you won’t have access to it. It also gives a good direction for people to get safe applications. In normal case, when someone looking for an application, the person will search for it online and download it from internet, it could be a safe website and safe download or an unsafe one which contains Malware. Some people might be familiar with safe download center website but it doesn’t have all application that you want. In Windows Store, developers encourage uploading their applications there (for Windows 8 Apps or Desktop Apps) in Windows Store and by browsing in Windows Store in Windows 8, you would see thousands of applications there for Windows 8 which are safe and secure. Security is not only about protecting against threats, it is also about helping people to get access to safe sources. It is great idea of having a central place containing secure applications. It is recommended to all users to download everything they want from Windows 8 Apps to stay safe and secure. There are applications that might not find in Windows 8 Apps and in that case you might need to search online for them, in this case it is recommended to contact the software manufacturer and recommend them to upload their public applications (for all users) in Windows Store.

The main advantage of Windows Store is that everything should validate and then is allowed to upload. In internet it is possible to setup a website or web repository and upload a Malware there. In other cases, group of hackers could hack into a reputable website and insert Malware there. Windows Store improve security because everything is under control and checked for possible security problems before appears in there. There are still other threats that might put users at risk such as install an Application from CD or DVD and in this case, you have additional layer of defends such as Windows Defender in Windows 8, SmartScreen filter and other security features. As security advise, check Windows Store for your apps and if it wasn’t there open your Internet Explorer and search for it, you have SmartScreen filter in Internet Explorer to block malicious downloads.


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