Inside Organized Cybercrime

There are different types of Cybercrime and the way that they are being organized is different from one to another. In a simple case, someone interested in type of Cybercrime will start to learn about it and try it on in random users. For example, someone might start learn about hacking and try practice those hacking methods on random users just by search for vulnerable PC s in a network . In another case, the target user might not select randomly and it could be someone that is known by hacker.  There is a type of Cybercrime which is well organized and it is like a real world company which there many peoples with jobs and responsibilities to achieve certain objective. The interesting thing about organized Cybercrime is that they have framework similar to the one in Software Engineering. Organized Cybercrime usually done by many people and everyone would have different duty and responsibilities which reach to a big objective. These organized Cybercrimes could operate in the following steps:

1)Define Project: The Cybercriminals will sit together to define a big target, it could be a big organization such as servers which contains millions of data or top secret records or attacking group of websites or people for certain objective. For example, a group of hackers might target series of websites, organizations or companies that are against them. In another case, project could define by third parties and a company, organization or person might ask group of hackers to hack into a specific website for them. When target set, they will proceed to planning.

2)Plan for Attack: In order to plan for attack it is important to learn about the target. They will review the target and this review could be finding out what operating system are they running, how the employees interact with systems in organization and other factors. It is important to have as much knowledge as possible about the target, because it will directly involve in how to hack into the system. For example, as organization that runs on Linux required hackers with strong knowledge in Linux to hack into the system. Once they understand about the target, base on their data they will start planning and look for people with specific skills to perform attack. It is similar to a real company, when you are starting a new project you will hire people with skills required with that project.

3)Attacking: When plan been set and people with required skills are ready, they will start to put plan into action. In some case, they might develop new Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan…) or hack into some servers or database using tools. In this phase, attack could succeed and objectives achieve or they could fail while operating.

4)Remove Traces: During operation or after operating, they might expose, especially in cases of investigation by police or authority. In this case, they will plan ways to remove all traces and in simple way they might get disconnected from internet or shutdown their servers.

The above is just example of an organized Cybercrime works. It is not just a hacker sit behind a chair and work, work, work until find a way to break into a system. It is planned way and as user you should prepare for counter attacks. The best counter attack is to plan a security strategy and look into your organization and ask yourself these questions:

  • If someone plan hack into my system or organization what he or she will do?
  • A group of expert going to break into my system how can I defend?
  • What are the common security mistakes been done by my employees?
  • If someone hacks into my system, what can I do?
  • Am I monitoring every corner and every PC in my organization?

Always consider a powerful enemy is planning to hack into your system and think about how to get ready for that. Follow advice of security experts and prepare to secure your system. Never put down your guards about Cybercriminals thinking your security strategy and systems are too powerful. Looking down on enemy is a big mistake. A small hacker could take over a large company, if it taken lightly.





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