Internet Explorer 10 is the Most Secure Browser

Internet is the place that most people around the world are using it. It could be useful and enjoyable or it could be harmful and dangerous. If you followed security warning about the computer, you might notice that there are many warning about internet and what you download or link that you click and websites that you visit. Websites and downloads are most common ways to get infected with Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware …).Having a good browser is important when it comes to security. A browser that could block Malware before you visit website or download them. 

In the recent research about Malware, Internet Explorer is the most secure browser when it comes to Malware protection and many other security features. There was a research conduct by NSSLabs, which is independent Security Research Company and they did a research about Malware blocking rate in the following browsers:

  • ·         Apple Safari 5
  • ·         Google Chrome 21
  • ·         Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • ·         Mozilla Firefox 15

And in their research, they run these browsers and then visited infected website and monitor how many of those websites will block by each browser. The more Malware which block means the browser is more secure and for example if a browser block 90 percent of Malware it means that from each 10 websites it blocks 9 malicious website that are dangerous and their test result is as follow: 

 Overall Malware Block Rate by Browser (higher % is better) 


As you can see Internet Explorer blocks over 99% of Malware which is a very high number of blocking. In the other word, if you use Internet Explorer the possibility that you get infected with Malware is very low, because most of the infected website or downloads will block before get into your PC. In addition, Internet Explorer comes with download manager and you don’t need any download manager to download programs from internet and this download manager will block malicious downloads.

However, note that you still need Anti-Malware product to protect yourself against threats that come from other sources such as USB, DVD, etc. Internet Explorer is additional security layer to protect you before you get infected from online threats and makes your Anti-Malware’s job easier and enhance your protection. In Windows 8, by default you have Internet Explorer 10 and Windows Defender as Anti-Malware. You could read the complete report from NSSLabs, here.


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