Sale Privacy, Buy Pirate

Think about a case that someone is going to sale you a house with a very cheap price and he claim that there is nothing wrong with this house. If you take a look at the house it is nice and there no problem, however when you move into it and start living there, you will see there are a lot of troubles. In addition, the house is being control and everything thing you say and whatever you do is being recorded by secret devices and wire-tapping technique. Here is the question, are you willing to give up your privacy and an enjoyable life to get something with cheaper price. In reality, it is not only things which you lose. When it comes to software piracy it is similar scenario, you could get pirate version of software cheaper or even free, but what you have a lot to lose when you use pirate software.

There is no such thing as pirate software is same as genuine one. When you get pirate software, you have a lot to lose, you will lose following:

1) Privacy: there is no guarantee of your privacy, you shouldn’t surprise if you’re personal data, family pictures, username and password and other data share online and even sale in black market.

2) Protection: There is no way to protect pirate software against Hackers, Malwares (Virus, Worm, Trojans, Spyware, etc) and other threats.

3) Support: If something went really wrong and there is no way to repair it, you couldn’t contact support of your software vendor for help when you have pirated software.

4) Reliability: Pirate software is NOT reliable and will crash and you will face several issues with it.

There are other disadvantages when you use pirate software. In other world when you use pirate software you will pay some money by cash (or you won’t pay anything) and the rest you will pay with your privacy, protection and others.

Crack and make a pirate version of software is NOT an easy job. Have you ever ask yourself why people are going through so much hardship and trouble to develop a pirate software and give it for free or cheap price and in the other hand they put themselves in a risk that if authorities catch them they could face punishment for breaking copy-right? They will give you free or cheap software in order to get something more from you which is your privacy and protection and other things. Anti-Virus software won’t work well on pirate operating system. Even though, you buy a genuine Anti-Virus, it won’t work well on pirate software. If you buy a pirate Anti-Virus, it won’t work in genuine software. You should have both must be genuine software for everything to work well.

When a software being manufacturer such as Windows Operating System, it goes through several tests and it must pass several standards and get approval from different legal departments to guarantee that product which deliver to the user is safe, secure and reliable. When software is being crack, there is no test or standard approval. No one will give approval to illegal software or even check it for privacy and security and it would be user’s risk when use a pirate software.

What can we do? Instead of looking for pirate software, look for ways to get genuine software, in some cases, you could get genuine software for free. For example, if you are a university student or lecturer, you could check Microsoft DreamSpark  and if your university is registered under this program, you could get several Microsoft Software for free. If it is not there, you could ask your university to consider this program. For companies, there are several licensing options in Microsoft and you could take a look at Microsoft Licensing . For other software, there are options for students, individual and companies. The important point is look to get a Genuine Software. It is not just about legal issue; it is more about how you protect your PC, Family, Friend and others against online and offline threats such as Hackers, Malware, Identity Theft and others.


Genuine Software = pay for license = Peace of Mind

Pirate Software = don’t pay (or pay a little cash) + Pay with your privacy + Pay with your data + Pay with reliability+ Pay with security + pay other things = trouble, trouble, crash, not working, trouble, trouble


When it comes to software make a wise and safe choice.


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