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There could be cases, that there is a Malware(Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware,etc)  which won’t detect with Anti-Virus software or there is another case which there is a software or program which is safe but it accidentally detect as Malware. In these cases, the best way is to report that to your Anti-Virus manufacturer. If you are using any of Microsoft Anti-Malware products including Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials , Forefront Endpoint Protection and others. It is very easy to do that. You just need to report it through Microsoft Malware Protection Center. In order to do that follow these steps:

1) Before file any report, update your Anti-Virus and then run a full system scan. If your Anti-Virus is not updated, it might not be able to detect latest Malware.

2) If your Anti-Virus software was updated and you ran a full system scan and you still face the same issue (either Malware is not detected or something accidentally detect as Malware), then visit Microsoft Malware Protection Website. It is the place which you could submit your sample for more analysis.

3) In the top right corner of website, you will see login screen which you are able to login. If you do that, you could login with your Windows Live ID and your submitted sample and status of analysis will be store in your ID and therefore it is easier for you to track your submission later on. Login is entirely optional and if you don’t login, then you could track your submission by add the submitted page to favorite of your browser.

4) You need to fill up the information in the website, you should provide your name and also product which you are submit your sample about ( let say, you are running Microsoft Security Essentials and a virus didn’t detect by that, then you should select Microsoft Security Essentials as product). Then you will select the sample of your Malware. If you want to submit more than one sample or file which you want to submit is too large, you might need to zip it and you should follow steps on the button on the website to do that (under Detailed instructions).

5) There are some optional fields which you could leave them empty , but it strongly recommended to fill them out if you have more details. In email part, you could provide your email address(note that if you already login with Windows Live ID, your email will automatically display there). The support number is for a case that you already contact a Customer Service and when you do that, you will get a support number, it is good idea to key in your support number, it will help the support agent monitor and access your sample for analysis.

6) There is a space there for you to explain a bit about your sample. If you are submitting a Malware , then explain about it source( website address, USB, come with program), possible dependencies (if there was any Malware which detect before or after you see this sample or could be related to that), Other Anti-Virus detection(if it been detected with other Anti-Virus software such as Norton, Kaspersky,etc then you should explain that it detect with which one and also add the detection name), also explain why you think it is a Malware (abnormal behavior in your PC, strange file process, etc). Provide as much as detail as you can to help Malware Analyzer to analyze the Malware better.

If you want to submit sample of something that you believe accidentally detect as Malware, explain why you think it is safe and explain about the source and manufacturer and creator of the application.

7)Once you done that, click submit and you sample will be there for analysis, if you check back the website or if you provided your email, you will see status of you submission. If it was Malware or accidental detection, you and everyone who been using Microsoft Anti-Virus products will get an update which will detect Malware or won’t detect safe program. IF you submitted a sample and you didn’t receive a response for a long time, then contact Customer Service and provide your submission ID and request them to analysis your sample.

Make sure you submit samples if you have any. These samples will help to make the product better and your sample could protect millions of users around the world.







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