Security from Windows to Windows

Windows 8 Release Preview released recently, it means that we are very close to final release of Windows 8 and soon you will see new PCs, Laptops and Tablets that running on Windows 8. Many of you might ask this question that should I consider upgrading to Windows 8 once it officially released. In order to upgrade you might have issue with hardware or software compatibility. You might need to buy new hardware or software and it would take some times to do upgrade. If you already upgrade your operating system to newest version, you are familiar with challenges that you might face. It is also depends on your current PC environment, in some cases, you could do upgrade immediately without being worry about compatibility and in other cases, you might need to take some actions. What you might ask is does it worth to upgrade to Windows 8?

To answer this question from security perspective let take a look at how Microsoft Windows Operating System comes so far. Many years ago, Windows started with concept of getting work done, there was security concern those times, but it wasn’t very important matter. The number of Malwares (Virus, Worm, Trojan, etc) was quick few compare today and people wasn’t connect to the internet much. In the other hand, computer was expensive and it wasn’t affordable for everyone to buy a computer. By growing internet and reduce price of computer, the computer becomes more personal. And people get more connected and at the same time, there was concern of Malwares that could damage software and hardware. In the time of Windows XP, people start to get more serious with security, Windows Firewall introduce that time and more people start to buy Anti-Virus for their operating system. If you compare this with the time of Windows 95 or Windows 98, there was Anti-Virus software that time, but people weren’t interest to get one. In Windows Vista security improved a lot, User Account Control (UAC) introduced and Windows Firewall manage both incoming and outgoing communication and several improved features been introduce. At the same time people gets more connected, number of internet users increase across the world and people could afford to buy more that one PC for themselves. After that Windows 7 come to the picture, security feature improved in this operating system and Microsoft Security Essentials becomes available for all users who are using Windows Operating System for free of charge. Let look how we would advise consumer in the past and how we should advise them today. For everyone who use Windows 95, Windows 98 or older version of Windows (which are not supported anymore ) we should ask them to get Anti-Virus, Firewall and other security software to protect themselves. Starting Windows XP, at the first we should ask them to install Anti-Virus and Firewall and when Service Pack was released with Windows Firewall we ask them to use Anti-Virus software. For Windows Vista was a lot more secure, but users still need Anti-Virus software and at this point they have all security solutions that they need for free, except for Anti-Virus that they should pay for it. In the time of Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentials becomes available. In that time, we could say this to Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users that you will need Anti-Virus software but you could get it for free. Today, we could say when you get a Windows Operating System and you want to secure it, you don’t need to pay for anything. If you look back in Windows history until today Windows Security improve a lot. People are stay more connected to the internet and more Malwares are out there, but it is easy to protect Windows users and without paying additional cost for security if you are a home user. There are several security improvements in Windows 8; Malwares couldn’t hit Windows 8 easily. There are several improvements in booting process of Windows in term of protecting Windows System files against Malwares. There are several improvements for users, Anti-Virus software could detect Malwares in deep of Operating System and remove them. Windows 8 also integrated with SmartScreen filter. SmartScreen filter introduced in Internet Explorer 8 for the first time and it will exam downloads that might consider Malwares and block them. In Internet Explorer 9 it improved a lot, and protect even more Malwares when user try to download them over the internet. But it was only when you download something over internet. In Windows 8, this technology integrate into Windows and it will helps to check files when you want to execute them and it will help to protect you and work along with your Anti-Virus software.

 Security is one of the main issues in Windows Operating System, and in every version of Windows, user’s security and privacy will improve.


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