Microsoft Safety Scanner

Sometimes a PC might get infected and you could not download Anti-Virus software to remove Malwares. There are Malwares (Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware…) which would prevent Anti-Virus software from being install. In other case, you suspect whether your PC is infected with Malware or not and you just want to run simple checking, in these cases, you could try Microsoft Safety Scanner .

It is a free Malware Scanner Tools, which could detect Viruses, Worms, Trojan, Spyware, Adware and other Malwares in your PC and remove them for you. In some cases, a PC infected with a Malware that won’t allow you to visit websites for Anti-Virus software or online scanner. One good thing about this tool is when you face such an issue that Malware block your access to the scanner website, you could use a PC that is NOT infected and copies this tool into a removable media such as flash memory and then inserts it into the infected PC and run scan. Before this tool, Microsoft introduced another free online scanner, known as Windows Live OneCare Online Scanner. The tool would run several tasks, including check PC and see if it runs latest update, scan for Malware and remove them, check for defragment and let you know if you should run defragment and clean unnecessary files and registry from your PC. The tool ran on browser and used Active X. If your PC infected with Malware that blocked the website, then you would have problem with running the scanner. OneCare Online Scanner discontinued and replaced with Microsoft Safety Scanner. It is browser independent, which means you don’t need to run Active X to be able to run it and in case that a Malware block your access to the scanner website, you could use different PC and download it in a removable media and then run scan with it in infected system.

In this scanner, you don’t have feature for defragment, disk clean up and windows update checking. But you don’t need to be worry, defragment and disk clean up are features that build into Windows Operating System and whenever you want to use them, you just have to run them and you don’t need any internet connection do to that. In case of update and other security issues, you could refer to Windows Security Center in Windows XP and Action Center in Windows Vista and Windows 7 to check your security status and if you haven’t run update for a while, you will receive a warning from Security Center or Action Center by default.  

One important thing that you should remember is that Microsoft Safety Scanner is NOT replacement for your Anti-Virus Software and you need a real-time Anti-Virus software to protect yourself. It is just a tool to help your PC from a deep infection and if you unable to run Anti-Virus software due to Malware, it will help you to remove it. It is a tool to detect and remove Malware for you and if you want to keep protected and prevent other Malwares from infecting your PC, you must use real-time protection Anti-Virus such as Microsoft Security Essentials which will prevent Malwares from infecting your PC and remove them and keep protecting your PC against Malware in real-time.

In case that you face any problem when you run Microsoft Safety Scanner , you could take a look at How to troubleshoot an error when you run the Microsoft Safety Scanner. In addition, when Safety Scanner detects any Malwares, it is good idea to take a note of name of Malwares and look into their descriptions online. For some Malware, you might have to take some additional steps to remove them or you should do some manual repairs which been explained in details Malwares if applicable.


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