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There are cases that your system been infected with Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan…) and Anti-Virus software could not remove them or you system might not be able to boot. In order to remove Malware, many of users try to boot into system and run full system scan and it is a recommended solution. However, let say you system is not able to boot at all or you run a full scan with updated Anti-Virus and Malware remains there. In situation like this, many of people will just reformat their system and reinstall Windows. But is that the only solution?

Malware could get deep into your system and as it been said, in some cases Malware could prevent your system from boot up. This means that you are not able to see you desktop or Windows logo and system keep getting errors. Note that this behavior could be due to many things such as hardware or software failures. What is being discussed here is a case that Malware is the cause of this behavior. When your system is not able to boot, there is a solution before reinstall and format your Windows and it is to scan your system before boot into your system. There are many tools in market that doing this , user is able to create them inside CD,DVD or Removable Devices and then boot system with them and then run full system scan and remove Malware and bad system to normal state. There is a good tool from Microsoft that gives you this functionality and it is easy to use, it called Windows Defender Offline Beta. It is under beta at this moment but you could download it for free and it is easy to use. A tool like this was been around in Microsoft for many years as part of commercial product for enterprise and companies. It was a Malware removal tool and some other troubleshooting tools that would run in booting and it called Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset, to learn more about this tool you could visit:

The Windows Defender Offline Beta is for personal use and in case that you are not able to boot into your system due to Malware or in case that your system is infected with Malware that couldn’t be removing by doing full scan with updated scanner. In order to use this tool you could follow these steps:


1)  Download the tool from official website; make sure read the instruction in the website before download it. (If you could not boot into your system, use different PC to download the tool), you could download it from:


2) Check ways that you could boot your PC with CD/DVD or removable devices such as flash memory. Depend on your PC’s motherboard there could be different key to boot using CD/DVD or USB. It is good idea to check your Motherboard or PC’s manufacture’s website for more detail about how to do it.


3) Once you find out about the method that you could boot into your system run the tool and follow steps and create CD/DVD or USB. The steps are easy and once you follow steps you could create the tool in the DVD/CD or Removable Devices.


4) Boot into your PC using CD/DVD or USB, depend on whether you create CD/DVD booting or USB booting and then follow steps to run full system scan.


I also suggest that take a look at:


This tools is still in beta and for final release, there would be many improvements. This tool is easy to use and could save your time in troubleshoot problems in system due to Malware.








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