Source of Malware

There are several ways that Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan, and Adware) and Spyware could get into your system and infect it. It could be online which is when you connected to internet or it could be offline when you don’t have internet connection at all. These are some of the ways that Malware and Spyware could get into your system:

1) Network: whether it is internet or intranet, if you connect to a network using wireless, LAN, etc, Malware and Spyware could get into your system from those ways if it exists in your network. Some possible ways, if you download infected file from internet or you receive it by email or IM or it is a worm that spread over network without you doing anything. It is the most common way to get infected by Malware and Spyware.

2) Removable Storage:  Malware and Spyware could infect your system using an infected CD/DVD, flash-memory and any other storage that you attach to your PC, if they are infected by Malware and Spyware and they have ability to spread.

3) Bluetooth: If you turn on your Bluetooth and there is an infected device around you, it is possible to infect your system by Bluetooth. Set Bluetooth in hidden mode will NOT prevent this and for certain Malware they would scan Bluetooth around them (whether they are hidden or not) and send Malware to them. If you turn off your Bluetooth when you don’t need it, they you are safe.

4) Hardware that attaches to your system: It is not common scenario, but it is a possible way of Malware and Spyware infection. Devices that you attach to your system such as your mobile phone, printer, scanner, etc, could infect your system if they contain Malware. For example if your phone infect by Malware and then attach it to your system or when during manufacturer process of printer an Malware accidently attached in printer chipset that could get into to your system that is one possible scenario.

5)Anything that connect to your system: Whatever been discussed are some famous category of ways that Malware could infect your system, but in general whatever that could connect to your system usually from ports in your system , they could be source of Malware and Spyware infection.

As you can see, the sources of infection are a lot. The question here is that how could we protect ourselves? The answer is that even source our lot but protection are not that difficult. Your operating system has some mechanism to protect you such as Firewall and Update and some protect in kernel level (main core of your operating system). Also, the Anti-Virus software comes with real-time protection, what it does is that it keep monitoring your system and no matter where is the source of Malware and Spyware, if it detect in system, it will detect and take action to protect your system.

Also, the Malware researchers will always monitor source of Malware and they introduce new technique to protect the most common sources. For example, infection from flash-memory, becomes a huge source at one point of time and new update been released for Windows Operating system to protect from running Malware and Spyware from flash-memory and some other removable devices.

If you are IT Administrator of a company or if you are in charge of protecting large number of PCs, it is good idea to identify source of Malware in your organization. The source of Malware might be different from one organization to another. And knowing it will help you to find a way to protect the common sources and reduce Malware infection in your organization.



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