I have your phone number

Some of you might received an call from someone that claim to be from Microsoft or Microsoft Partner or Support Team or other title and then tell you that your PC has some problems and try to proof it and after that ask you to do something to fix it. First thing is that how they find your number? There are several ways to find your number and it is something possible to do, but important thing is to prevent this from happening in future. These are some possibility that they could get your number:


1) You post your number in a website that is publicly available, for example you want to sell something through internet and you will probably post picture of it and some specification and also you will post your number there and will ask that if anyone interested call me. Because it is public, everyone could see your phone number and in some cases they might need to create an account to do see your number which doing this is not something difficult.


2) From chat-room conversation, if you are chatting in public chat-room, every one would see what you post and if you post your phone number it could be visible.


3) If someone hack into your system or your account and if your phone number been store somewhere in your email or in your PC (depend on whether they hacked into your PC or Account), then they have your phone number.


4) It is possible that a website that you been registered been hacked. It could be a simple forum website or any other website that required membership. If you entered your phone number there and it been hacked, then they have your phone number.


5) You received an email from somewhere that ask you to send back your detail including your phone number or give you a link to a website for registration and ask you to enter your phone number, the website might claim to be from trusted source such as your bank or some trustworthy service but they are not.


6) It is possible that your friend get hacked and he or she already store your phone number in account or PC and after been hacked your account been compromised.


These were some examples; there are several ways that people could gain unauthorized access to your phone number. There are some ways that you could protect yourself:

1) Do NOT enter your phone number just everywhere.

2) check trustworthy of website that you are going to register.

3) Use strong password and always protect your PC with update operating system, firewall and Anti-Virus.

4) It is good idea to search your phone number using search engines and if it appears in any website try to remove them, if you don’t have access to the website contact their administrator or support.

5) It is good idea to recommend your friends about protect their PC and Accounts. If their account or PC been hacked some of your information might be exposing, those which are between you and your friends.

6) If you received a call from someone who claims to be from Microsoft or Support, it means they found your phone number. Do NOT call the number, instead take a note of date and time that your received the call and then look into what kind of legal action you could take or where you could report. The method of reporting is different in each country.





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