Are you ready to take an action?

In Windows there is something that helps you to secure your system, it called Windows Security Center. In Windows XP, it will check if you have Anti-Virus or not? Is Windows getting update or not? Is your Firewall on or not and also check update status for Anti-Virus too (Is your Anti-Virus on and update?). This basic information would help users a lot to know basic of their security status. In Windows Vista, Windows Security Center, get smarter, it will check status of your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware separately, it also check if your Windows default security setting applied or not? For example is your user account control on or off? In Windows 7, things become more interesting, you won’t see Windows Security Center with that name anymore. Instead, you have something called Action Center. Maintenance and Security join force and becomes Action Center. Maintenance tasks are the one for improve your operating system in general, in term of performance and reliability and many more. As part of Security, it is doing job of Windows Security Center. It calls action center, because it only warn user when he or she should take an action. Here, I am going to walkthrough a scenario of a user that just get started to use Windows 7 and Action Center will guide the user.


User: Good, I got my Windows 7; it is activated and running, let’s gets started

Action Center: You don’t have any Anti-Virus in your system, you have to chosen one, before get started

User: What is that, there is something here called Windows Defender?

Action Center: Well, if you see Windows Defender is Anti-Spyware and under Anti-Malware section it said nothing find.

User: Will you help me to get one?

Action Center: Sure, click the link in Action Center to find Anti-Virus for you, it will open a website with a list of trusted Anti-Virus companies, you should chose one.

User: That’s great, I see a lot here. (User browsing different Anti-Virus website and chose one)

User: It’s done.

Action Center: One more thing, you have to update it, click on update in Action Center, I will update it for you.

User: Thanks

Action Center: Welcome, one more thing you should also update your Windows too.

User: How to do that?

Action Center: Click on the link inside Action Center, I will help you to do that.

User:  Thanks.

Action Center: Welcome, let me check, Anti-Virus been installed and update and running, Windows update is running and been installed, Windows firewall is on … everything is fine, enjoy Windows 7.

User: Thanks, you help me a lot.

Action Center: No problem, I will keep helping you just follow my advice; I will guide you when you have issue with security and maintenance in your PC. You just need to do favor by do some clicks.

User: That’s great.


Here, we only discuss about small part of security monitoring with action center, Action Center will help you in many cases, just make sure if it give you any message and warning, take a look at it. Of course, in real scenario, Action Center won’t greet you , but it formally guide you through processes from finding Anti-Virus to updating Windows and turn on Anti-Virus and many more things. Action Center is a great feature in Windows 7, which guides you very well. Just you should trust and follow its guide. To learn more about action center take a look at here.




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