The Story of an Empire

There was an empire, in there all data and information live in peace and harmony. People there feel too safe, so they don’t bother to hire security team or protect themselves, because they believed that the world is safe forever. Suddenly, spies get into their cities and try to steal information and data and post unwanted advertisement. People became sad; they couldn’t enjoy their life any more. Whatever they said or did,sent all over the world by spies and all over the cities was full of unwanted advertisement. The Emperor decides to stop this and hire Anti-Spy team called Windows Defender. They were trained to stop spies and advertisement. The Emperor ordered a full scan and they search whole empire and capture all spies and advertisers. Because they done real time monitoring spies couldn’t get in any more. They try to come from email, using USB and other ways, but Windows Defender would catch them all.

Then empire back to normal, but not for too long. There were other enemies too that call themselves Malware Army. They had several tactics and units, one unit called Worm, it would spread very fast another one called Virus which was expert in destruction, there was Trojan that hide itself as friend and then attack and there was several more other bad guys there. Then enemy sent Trojan unit in dress of common people of city. Windows Defender was good in getting spies and advertiser but not in catching other enemies. They enter to different cities of empire and then once they get in start to open cities gate that called Firewall Port and then send a signal using IPv6 to let other enemy attack.  The empire was under attacks, they even cut down the supply for the city which called Windows Update and they disconnect all the communication with outside which done with Internet Explorer. People suffered a lot and the Emperor was worry. The Emperor looks for some solutions and decides to hire an Army as soon as possible. Then find out that there is powerful army that could stop all Spies and Enemies; it called Microsoft Security Essentials army. The Emperor called them and they come and prepare for battle and attacked the enemy and destroy their main army and secure their military supply for Microsoft Security Essentials which called Update and also secured supply for city which called Windows Update. Then all enemies’ retreats but some remain and go into hiding in some cities in the empire. The Emperor ordered to search the entire empire to find other enemies that go into hiding. Then Microsoft Security Essentials army runs a full scan and capture them, some of them sent to a prison that no one could escape called Quarantine and the others been destroyed and removed.

Everything back to normal, but it takes time and it was very stressful for The Emperor. Emperor’s advisor called Action Center which advises The Emperor for military affair (Security) and overall of people satisfaction (Maintenance). The advisor told Emperor that we need an army to protect our people and The Emperor wasn’t listening. Now The Emperor decides to follow the advisor’s guidance all the time. One more thing that Microsoft Security Essentials army was also take care of spies and Windows Defender close down and they join Microsoft Security Essentials and everything back to normal and enemies attempt to attack several times but they defeat.

This empire is your Windows 7 and you are The Emperor of this large empire. Do you have a powerful army to protect your empire against spies or other enemies? Or you let yourself and your data suffer? Security in Windows depends on how you will rule your empire, so rule it wisely and follow your advisor’s (Action Center) suggestions.



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