Destroy Botnets

Cybercriminal could use your PC for criminal purposes. In other word, they could command your PC to do their tasks. For example, if they are planning to hack a government or banking system, then they will use a PC that already been hacked and then use it to do their job. One the common methods in this case are using something known as botnet. The issue that will happen is botnet is that your PC gets compromise and will add to a network which is operating by cybercriminals. Then they could command your PC to do things like hacking another PC, sending email on your behalf to others or even use your computer resources such as CPU to do some task such as cracking password for them. Botnets usually would create automatically. They are programs that designed to do task such as scanning whole network and find the weakness in a system such as a firewall that is off or a PC is not updated and then copy itself into it and start downloading other components and once it done it will send the information to botnet server about your system. And in meantime it will start from your PC to spread to other systems. For example by scanning other PCs in your network or by sending emails contains a Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware…) to your contact list in email or IMs. It even would collect information about you such as your email username and password, your personal photo, your contact list and many more data that store in your PC and automatically upload them to criminal servers, and later on this information will use in black market, when they need identity. As you can see they are scary and they harm to you and your friends. However, protecting your self against them is easy. Strong system won’t fall for botnet , botnet will damage systems will less security or system contain a vulnerability. So start to prepare yourself by doing these steps:

1)      Make sure your operating system is update

2)      Make sure you have Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware and they are updated

3)      Use genuine software, because pirate software mostly lead you to a botnet

4)      Use Strong password combination of alphabet (upper and lower case), symbol, and number and be long enough. Note that some website won’t allow using symbol in password, in that case makes a combination of number and alphabet both lower and upper case.

5)      Make sure you firewall is running

6)      Have a look at Windows Security Center in Windows XP and Windows Vista or Action Center in Windows 7, which located in control panel and see what other security action you should take.

These are not new thing, but many people are failing to follow these steps and their computer will fall into botnet. Now, if your PC are already part of botnet , then follow these steps:

1)      Login to Microsoft Safety Scanner website and run full system scan.

2)      If any Virus or Spyware detect, remove them and also write down their name or click on the link to see description and you will see whether they are botnet or not.

3)      If you find out they are botnet , then check other detail in report and see what security action you should take. For example if anything detect in safety online scanner then your either don’t have Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware or your if you have one, it is not update or not working.

4)      After your done all these steps , try to fix problem, let say if you don’t have Anti-Virus, get one, if your system was not update, update it.

As you can see even botnet are so scary, but it is easy to defend yourself, against them. The following figure will show you explanation of how botnet work in summary which is from Microsoft website.



 For more detail also please have a look at Microsoft Safety & Security Center.





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