Attention!! You are not safe Mac and Linux!

Some people believe that operating system such as Macintosh and Linux will never get infected. In the other they believe that there is no Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan …) which could infect them. Later on after several Malware attach take place in these operating system, people come with idea that said that Macintosh and Linux are infect with only few Malware. And these arguments conclude for them that Macintosh and Linux are safer that Microsoft Windows because there are less Malware that could infect them compare to Microsoft Windows. At this point of time this is true that there are less Malware in the market which affect Linux and Macintosh compare to Microsoft Windows that won’t conclude that those operating systems are safer. Let see why there are so many Malware create for Microsoft Windows? There are many reasons behind that but some of key points is that Microsoft Windows has the highest market share in the world, which means that majority of people are over the world are using Microsoft Windows. If you think as bad guys such as hackers, you will create something that harm more people and create something harmful for Microsoft Windows is the way. Because the goal is hackers are to create something to get more people and to get more people you will see that many of people are using Windows. But there is something interesting here that many of new Malware are similar to each other and Anti-Virus could detect new unknown Malware using some techniques such as behavioral monitoring and heuristic detection (these are some common method of detecting unknown Malware). But in operating systems such as Linux and Macintosh, even though there are dangerous threats are out there, people still feel safe and believe they are always safe. Therefore I am going to discuss to one the scary Malware that would infect system whether it is Microsoft Windows, Linux or Apple Macintosh. And once it infects you it will do following actions:

1)      Send message to all of your contact list people using your Facebook Account or your messenger. This message will send on your behalf  and contain a link to a website that contain this Trojan and it will download to your friends PC (whether it is Macintosh, Linux, Windows) and same thing will happen to him or her.(sending message to his/her contact contain link to this Trojan).


2)      It will capture everything that you type with your keyboard such as your password, your email, username and everything and send it to attackers


The following picture I took from Microsoft Malware Protection Center shows that what it will look like in your Facebook account if you infect with this Trojan.



  The Malware known as:



Trojan-Downloader.Java.Alboto.a (Kaspersky) Trojan.Jnana.1 (Dr.Web)

Java/Boonana.A (ESET)

Boonana (McAfee)

Troj/Boonana-A (Sophos)

Trojan.Jnanabot (Symantec)

JAVA_JNANA.A (Trend Micro)


It is just a beginning and example; in real world you will see several scarier than this Malware that could infect your Macintosh and Linux and hacker could take complete control of it. Now, let see how we could handle this in Windows? It is simple, use Anti-Virus and update it then not only this but also all other scarier Malware would be detect and remove , if someone said we have millions of Malware in Windows then by having a good and updated Anti-Virus , you could protect yourself against millions of Malware. But having only few Malware for operating system without a protection solution is not a good idea because, only one virus could destroy your system. One good Anti-Virus for Windows is Microsoft Security Essentials . Remember that securing operating system is about protecting you no matter if there is only one virus or millions of virus and Malware and Microsoft doing great job by giving warning to users if they don’t have Anti-Virus compare to other operating systems that if user won’t put any Anti-Virus they won’t show any warning. Windows Security Center/Action Center is great feature in Windows because it will warn you if your system is not protected.

If we compare users of Microsoft Windows, then most of them are aware that they should use Anti-Virus so if there is one virus or millions of virus then they could protect themselves by using Anti-Virus. But for user of Linux or Macintosh that feel safe with their Operating System and they don’t have Anti-Virus, only one virus could destroy their system. Now decide, a operating system that help you to protect millions of enemy (Malware) is safer or operating system that will fail only with one single Virus because users are not care about getting Anti-Virus?


For more detail about Trojan:Java/Boonana, have a look at:




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