Malwares are not welcome, this is IE

Many of you will know that many of Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan…) are coming from the internet and you might have experience that you download something and then your PC is infected. From this point we could say that having a good browser with a good security level is a good and smart idea. That is able to protect us when we are browsing the internet which is a dangerous place. There was another interesting test conduct by NSS Labs, which shows about security of different browsers when it comes to blocking Malware. This means that when you are downloading something or click on a link on the internet then how powerful your browser reacts against it. Does it block it or just let you to download it? Let’s have a look at figure below, it shows their report and as you can see Internet Explorer 9, blocks 99% of Malware, which is unbelievable and also Internet Explorer 8 shows a good result by blocking 90% of Malware, which is quick good result and if you compare it with other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, you will see Internet Explorer is ahead from all of them when it comes to Malware blocking (blocking Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware, Adware…) .  

 And also if you have a look at preview tests from NSS Labs, that been done before you will see Internet Explorer always was ahead from other browsers, and in each test it improve protection while compare to other browsers they have up and down , in one test they got higher than before and in another they got lower. Have a look at graph below: 

 All of the graph that I posted here, I get from NSS Labs report and they are real data and again NSS Labs is NOT Microsoft friend and family, these are real data from independent researcher company. Therefore, let see why Internet Explorer is so well on Malware blocking. Let start from Internet Explorer 8, which been tested for while. It comes with Technology called SmartScreen Filter, it will block phishing websites (which websites that looks like legitimate website but they are fake and try to steal your information) and also it will block websites and downloads that contain Malware(Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware, Adware…) . The technology is powerful enough that block 90% of Malware. About Internet Explorer 9 that as I writing this is in beta level, it contains SmartScreen Technology too but with some additional feature called “application reputation”. If I want to summarize this technology in one word, it will check for you that download is safe or not base on its reputation and certificate (a digital certificate that will buy and show that program is trusted). And let say there is a download with less reputation and without any certificate, then it warn you. It give you one additional protection that if download haven’t been reviewed by Microsoft yet, but base on reputation and some other security facture Internet Explorer 9 will help you to identify potential risky download. It will help you to protect yourself more and even before you download something bad into your PC, Internet Explorer would block it. Note that this technology is great but it won’t replace your Anti-Virus, don’t feel fully safe only base on this technology, this is your additional protection feature that give you more confidence but Internet is NOT the only source for Malware and you still need Anti-Virus to protect yourself.


Please feel free to read full reports of NSS Labs here.



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