Why people doing bad thing?

Why some people doing hacking and writing Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan …) or Spyware? And what are the motivations that they are doing these things? What they would gain by doing these? These are some of the common questions that people would ask about cybercrimes such as hacking, malware producing, cyber-bullying. There are several reasons that people might try to do bad things or they become bad guy. Motivation to do cybercrime is depend on many factors including social, economical, ethical and other things. But we could classify motivation of cybercriminals in some categories as follow:

1) Money: In the world of cybercrime people could make money by doing bad things. It is NOT ethical and they would be in deep trouble, if authorities get them. Hacking to make money will happen usually when people are joining as group in a cybercrime organization or as individual. Motivation to involving these crimes usually is because of greed or financial issue. Some people doing crime to make even more money and become ultimate rich and they won’t stop because they always want more money and in case of financial issue, people force to do it because they need money to solve some problems such as paying rent or debt or they are unemployment and they couldn’t find a job but they need money to go on living and they will doing cybercrime to make money.

2) Personal issues: Some people doing cybercrime because of revenge, anger, punishment and other personal issues. For example employees that lost their jobs, they will try to revenge from their companies that they have been worked.

3) Believes: In this world there are many people with different believes and religions. There might be conflict between those religions or personal believes. Some of these groups or people would start to do cybercrime in order to either support believes or punish another group.

4) Support: Supporting would refer to many things such as political support, team support. In this case levels of conflict are even higher. The reason is that two groups would stand against each other and their supporters will be in their side and they will fight against each other. For example, there are people who are supporting Apple Company which is manufacture of Macintosh and another group is supporting Microsoft which is manufacture of Windows and supporter of another group might create Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan…) for other group. Note that in these case companies will NOT ask supporter to do that, but they will ask them that avoid doing cybercrime. However, their supporter will do these things.

5) Fun: Doing cybercrime or specially hacking might sound like fun to some people, they will doing these crime just because they enjoy it. This method is commonly popular among teenagers but of course there are adults that also doing this.

6) Reputation: Some of them would do cybercrime to become famous, for example they will hack into a website and they put their name there to show that they are great hackers. Or they will do crime and also put trace on purpose to get arrested, then when they will arrest to become famous.

7) Legal cybercrime: In case of war or in cases that government involved, they might do some sorts of cybercrime in order to achieve some political or security goal, such as in case of war, government might try to hack the enemy website to gain sensitive information. Or they hack a group of terrorist to gain evidence against them and stop terror attack. It similar to wire-tapping, that consider illegal but if it been permit by legal authority for preserve security, that would be legal. It called legal because they will doing a job that consider as cybercrime (such as hacking) but they are permit to do that because of some justify reason. Example of these are such as searching your home, if someone get into your home and search it , it is illegal and you could do legal action. However, if it done by legal department such as police with search valid search warrant that purpose is to investigate a crime or stop a crime that is legal. In cybercrime scenario is similar issue, hacking is a crime but if it be done by legal department by valid permission, then it won’t be illegal. Note that legal and illegal part of it is fully depending on user perspective and justification from government.

And what we could conclude here is that there are several reasons that people might motivate to do cybercrime. In some of cases such as unemployment, by make more job opportunity we could reduce cybercrime. And other one is ethical teachings that encourage people to use their skills in legal way. You could categories cybercrime in many different ways or make more categories, However this category would help you get basic idea of why people doing bad things and come with counter-measurements against them to reduce cybercrime.



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