Where should I put my cloud key?

Firstly what is cloud computing? Many people are talking about cloud and cloud computing what is that? In cloud computing what you will do that you are getting spaces on the internet. Windows Live and Windows Azure are example of cloud computing. Consider Windows Live, scope of Windows live is that your are people who are using Windows Client such as Windows 7 and many of users are also using Internet, then Windows Live would help you extend your experience such as Windows Live Skydrive that give you an space that you could put your personal folder there instead of access them from your PC or your harddisk, you will access them over internet and they store in somewhere in the Internet. In enterprise level something like Windows Azure come to the picture that companies would trust space and services that provides by Microsoft to operate their company. For example in a big company you will need a big server and sometimes it is more effective if you trust someone else to give you space and facility to get job done, for example instead of buying server and operate it and worry about several issues to manage and maintain it, you will use another one’s servers that provide you server and manage your servers and you use that server to do your work. It is like put money inside back or keep it in your home. In your home you are worry that someone might stole it, you might add and remove money and you should keep calculate it and assure that amount is right and correct. But another option is that you put your money inside bank and trust your bank to protect it and calculate amount and keep monitor income and outgoing money. You trust bank and putting money inside bank, because you feel it is more advantage for you. When you open a bank account you will get account number and give some information to the bank to verify you and then bank would give you validation which is your signature or bank card or verification number. You will have bank account and you could put your money there. In cloud computing you give some information to your cloud service provider and then they would give you validation similar to key which is your password and username. Username is like your bank account number and password is like your signature or key to access data and you will get space to put your information. As you can see in cloud computing you share some information and you get validation and you could user service. Therefore, privacy is important matter in cloud computing. The big question is this: I have important data and information, I want to get space on Microsoft cloud, is my information safe and secure, and do I have any privacy there?

Microsoft is a company that has long experience with security and privacy. And it privacy been validate by third-parties, which mean that if you ask how can I trust Microsoft, the answer is they are companies that validate privacy of company, in case of privacy, the company can access your data normally but when it validate as privacy trust company then it means it design in way that company itself will NOT access data unless you permit it and these data would NOT access directly. Privacy is basically is depend on user’s itself that how much trust would have. For Microsoft cloud computing, I suggest to have a look at Microsoft Privacy , and read it and see if your trust it or not. But as long as company is trusted by privacy validate which is TRUSTe, you could trust the company on behalf of privacy. Information would collect to help you back later on, similar to when you fill up registration form in bank to open bank account. Then it is password that is the matter and protecting account. Well, password is you’re key, if I have your car key, I could access your car, if I have your home key, I could access your home, if I could sign like you or have your seal, I might be able to get money from your account. Same apply, if I have your password, I could access your cloud. Therefore you should use strong key (strong password). Keep it safe (don’t tell anyone). Telling password is like giving a key to someone and they could access your information, similar to give key to someone means access your home. Also, make sure you know where you type it. Using cloud service is easy you could access your data from any PC (access anywhere). But if PC that you are typing is NOT safe, it means you are giving you key too. So the best practice is that keeps your Computer safe against Hackers and Malware and Spyware and types your password inside your PC only, NOT anyone’s PC. You won’t bring your key in place that someone might stole it, like unsafe area of city. Same apply here; don’t use your password or key if you think it might NOT be safe.

Also prepare for worse, you might be careful but single mistake might cause your data loss. Imagine when you loss your house or car key and there is no secondary key. Someone might steal your password and change it or you might forget it. Windows Azure associate with Windows Live; therefore you should think that if I lost or forgot my password what could I do? You could recover your password by applying second email (that it must be safe email too), Security question (make sure it could NOT be guessable) and also by define your PC, that define it is my PC and if you are connecting from your PC only you could access password and also by verify your mobile, put and verify your mobile number.

As conclusion, cloud computing is cool, so enjoy it. Cloud is like your bank account, so you should keep your account safe and secure; likewise, you have to secure your cloud password and username. Do you trust your back? Why? Review privacy statement and trust your cloud base on what privacy statement said and what you want as privacy.


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