Why Microsoft Security Essentials?

Chose a good Anti-Virus is up to user itself, however, here we are going to explain benefits of using Microsoft Security Essentials. This product comes with several benefits and advantages and we are going to highlight some of them:

1)      Really free: before even Microsoft release Microsoft Security Essentials there was several free Anti-viruses in the market. And they were free too. But you might experience that after download and use it you realize that they are still not completely free. For example they offer you free product but to get more service you should pay or buy paid edition or you might see advertisement that coming from Anti-Virus about discount to buy new version and when something goes wrong, you could NOT contact technical support and these things. Even though you install them for free but you won’t get some services because it is free. But in Microsoft Security Essentials case is different, there is NO paid edition, it is only free edition and there is NO compare between free and paid one. When you are in deep technical issue, you could open free technical support. And you have all necessary services that you expected from Anti-Virus in Microsoft Security Essentials.


2)      No worry about next version: You might have this experience with your Anti-Virus product that they might release another version which is new one and you don’t aware of it and you should check their website to get new version. Probably by downloading upgrade but in Microsoft Security Essentials , you don’t have to be worry about new version, when new version is available it will ask you that new version is available and all you need to do is press upgrade button and then wait for few minutes and one restart and you have new version . No need to check website for new version.


3)      Friendly interface: For professional people or people who are knowledgeable in computer working with Anti-Virus is easy. But they are people who are not computer geek and might NOT be easy for them to work with Anti-Virus. For example, when they want to run scan, then don’t know how to do it. Microsoft Security Essentials comes with easy interface that everyone could understand and do task easily. When you open Home tab, then you will see options for scan right there and if PC is unprotected or need update then a big button will appear in home tab for them to chose action. Rather than complicated interface with many icons and options that general users get confuse.


4)      Easy to download:  When you download Anti-Virus, sometimes you require filling up a form that many users don’t like it. All you need to do is just to login to website and press download button and download it. Also note that make sure you are download it FROM OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Downloading from other source and public website might have risk that file been modify or contain Virus, so why make trouble for yourself, download it from right place.


5)      Validate Windows Genuine: I know that many of you might think about it as disadvantage and say why force user to get genuine windows? It is actually advantage; the reason is that if you are running Non-Genuine Windows, you are already at risk no matter how powerful your Anti-Virus product is. Anti-Virus products are tested with Windows that manufacture by Microsoft, NOT the one that modify by other people and crack Windows itself would put operating system at risk and even though you use the most powerful security solution in the world, it won’t help you when your system is non-genuine. Using Anti-Virus in non-genuine product is like hiring security team in a place that own by criminals. When that order is done by criminals, security teams also would be following their order. Same in Operating System, when it is NOT genuine, then your Anti-Virus is useless no matter what is it. Therefore, checking for Windows Genuine help people to make sure their fundamental of security which is their Operating System is secure before take next step for securing it.


There are several more benefits of using Microsoft Security Essentials. If you want to download it, you may try to download it from Microsoft Security Essentials website.


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