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When it is threats such as Malware and Spyware one of the common things that we are doing to get ride of them is scanning. Scanning can be done using online scanner which you visit as website such as Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner, which is free online security scanner. Another way is using standalone scanner which are software that you install and they only do scanning and NOT real-time protection(running and detecting threats when they are enter or run actively inside system). And very common way of scan is scanning using Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware that you already installed inside your PC as it mentions earlier. Scanning would have three main types: Full Scan, Quick Scan and Custom Scan. These types of scanning are necessary and important but you might NOT know that when and where each of them runs.

Full Scan: It will scan everything inside your PC including areas in main memory and harddisk. It will scan your entire system and your applications, folders, files and it is where it could check everything to find out whether any Malware or threats been hide somewhere inside your system or not. This type of scan in must of the time would take longer than any other scan types. Time that it take to scan could be minutes or hours it depend on many things such as speed of your system because it will use CPU, ROM and other hardware and software resource to do scan and if you have more powerful hardware such as high speed CPU or large amount of RAM it would affect scan. It also depend on your size of harddisk and number of applications and programs and things and objects that you are putting inside your harddisk, more application would take longer time, because during full scan it will scan everything and if you have more things (Applications , files folders, etc)  , then it would take longer. Also it depends on type of files and programs itself. Sometimes Zip files would take longer time to be scan than normal files. After you run first full scan, you could determine how long scan would take but in must of cases it depend on your system.

Quick Scan: It would take faster, in quick scan area of your system that threats or Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan…) mostly infect will scan and also area that most recently there was activity there. There are certain areas of your system that Malware like those areas such as startup. When you start or boot up your system, there are applications that would start and they are inside your system startup, Malware like to put themselves there because they want that when system is start they Malware components also start and do their harm to system. Therefore it is one of the areas that will be scan if you run Quick scan. There are other areas that these areas been discovered by researching on Malware of Operating system itself that people in charge of Malware research would determine them. Area that activity been took place also would scan let say if you install new program or download something that haven’t been scan by preview quick scan, it would scan during quick scan. Quick scan is a quick way and it is fast in order to find what status of system is in general and it will detect common threats and active threats that are running inside the system. Speed of scan would depend on system and application itself and it would be different from each system to another system and it might change during each quick scan depend on users and system activity. But it would take very fast.

Custom Scan: It is scan that done by users itself on specific part such as folder, file or application. It could be done by click on scan and chose area that user wants to do scan or by right click on that file, folder, application … and then chose scan. It is totally user dependence action. For example you want to know that whether a particular area is clean of Malware or not, then you will run this scan. Speed of scan also depends on factors that described in Full and Quick scan and also size and type of what you are scanning.

Now, this is questioned that how often we should run scan and which scan is recommended. In general some Anti-Virus companies would give general recommendation about scanning, for example that might recommend user to run full scan every month or every three months. However, it really depends on situation and users itself. In general it is good idea to run daily or at least weekly quick scan it won’t take too long and you could have some comfort that your system is safe. In general when you install Anti-Virus, you have something called, real-time protection that would check system activities all the time and if it detect any Malware or Threats coming would block or remove it and it won’t allow to get in first place but it might be special case that you turn it off or system is out of date and could not recognize new Malware and Malware get in. Therefore quick scan is good idea to find out what is going on in your system. Full scan will take longer, but it scans everything. Sometimes Malware are hiding somewhere inside your system and NOT in common area and full scan could detect them. It recommended running full scan once you install Anti-Virus and update it to make sure it will remove infection from your entire system in case that it might be infected by Malware and also when you are suspect of security issues for example in quick scan you detect several Malware inside your system or a new Malware keeps reproduce inside your system (e.g. real time protection keep showing and removing as threat). Or you seen a system is out of date or firewall is off. That is good idea to run full scan. Custom Scan, is all depend on you when you suspect that something might contain Virus then you run custom scan such as you download something from internet and you are NOT sure what is it or someone send you a file that you don’t know what is it and you suspect it might contain Malware or specially when you insert removable storage such as flashmemory. It is situation dependent, when user realizes that need to run scan. You also could always use scan schedule feature that will automatically run scan in time that you want scan to be run.


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