Use it once…

In order to access your account or check you email, you have to enter your username and password. Your username is usually your email and other people for example your friends might know it, but the main important thing is your password. Without password you could NOT enter your account in most of the time and the bad thing about password is that if bad people know your password then they could access your account. Microsoft comes with interesting idea in Windows Live ID that protects your password. What is happening is that instead of using your password and enter your password to enter your account you will use single use code that send to your mobile and after it been used it will expire and you should use another one. It is great thing for public area or public networks. Sometimes you should check your email and you don’t have your mobile phone to check your email using Hotmail mobile or your mobile is out of battery, then you will use your public network such as School, your friend’s PC or other public internet. The bad thing here is that the PC might be infected with software that store whatever you type, they are known as keylogger. Keylogger will store whatever you type and bad people could refer that to find your password. When you are in public it is hard to exam and find whether PC is safe or not, sometime they don’t have Anti-Virus or PC run in Standard or Guest user and not Administrator. And if someone access or find your password then could access everything. We always suggest and recommend user to check privacy statement of public network and do quick security test in order to make sure system is safe. New feature in Windows Live ID will give you better protection against this type of attacks that you don’t have to enter your original password and you enter temporary could that will expire after usage or after a time. If this could capture then it could NOT be use because it is temporary and will expire. System is work very simple, in first step you will browse to login page such as when you want to check your email and you will see option: Get a single-use code to sign in with


 If you click on it then a new page will come up, then you could type your Windows Live ID and Single use code, it will send to you be SMS, therefore you should request to send it by SMS by click on: Request a code, then select your country and then type your information such as phone number and you will receive SMS that contain that code.


 Once you use it that’s it. If bad guys get your code then they could NOT reuse it and your account is safe because you didn’t use your original password. If system is not available in your country you could click on feedback and request it, it wills NOT available right away but Windows Live Team will review and make service available base on request.








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