How can I trust?

In privacy you will share information to get advantage on it and when you are sharing , you should ask yourself that are these information under my control or not? People thinks that privacy means share nothing and never give any information, but true meaning of privacy is that share information if it give you true advantage and your privacy would reserve.  In real life you are sharing a lot of information for example when you apply for a job or study in college or university; you have to share some information. When you are buying or selling something you would share some information.  For example consider your credit card information, you share it with websites to buy something or transfer money but main thing that you should ask is that: is this website store my information? If yes, then can I remove them whenever I want to? And does it safe to store information there? Sometimes websites are tried to protect your privacy but they have security weakness and it because your data and information share to bad guys.

Let me give you example of when you have privacy and you could trust. Windows update, you know how important it is, and if you don’t get update then you are giving a chance to hackers to get into your PC by old tricks. Update is service that helps you to make your PC faster and more secure. You could either disable or enable Windows Update. If you disable it then no information would send and you won’t get any update. If you enable it some information would send and you would get update. Information here DOES NOT means Personal information, they are information about version of windows and update that you installed and some other information that help you to get update and all these information use for update and there is NOTHING there about who you are? Where do you work? Or other personal information. If you look carefully about information that will send you will find out that these are help you rather than harm you.  You operating system version would send in order to make sure you are getting right update for right Operating System. Microsoft has different version of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and they have different editions such as starter, ultimate, professional, enterprise …. And version of your operating system would send because if let say you are using Windows XP Home Edition, then you ONLY get update for Windows XP Home Edition , NOT update for Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista. And you know there are several updates there, some Windows might not get preview update for example they did NOT connect to internet for months. In this case Windows update would check what update you have and only send you ones that you didn’t get. If this won’t share then just imagine that Microsoft would send all updates every months and just calculate time that it would take for download and install them. This means send information by respecting your privacy and benefit you. Bad guys usually won’t tell that they send information and the just send your data. For example, Spyware is Malicious Application that would collect and send data and information about you without telling you. While people or companies that respect privacy would tell you that what they collect and why they collect them. Sometimes you might see notice from Microsoft or other companies’ products that ask you send information. Example when you system or application would crash or cause problem then you might see message that send information. Again, these information are NOT personal and with your privacy respect and if you send these information then in Microsoft side they will see that for example a Application Crash in one Windows Operating System, there is Nothing about Who you are and what is your job, all information that send would help Microsoft to reproduce problem and find solution for that and let this not happen again. Basically, when it comes to privacy , you should have a look at privacy statement of product and company and then check that are these information legal or something is illegal and also check and read privacy statement carefully and see if it really something that respect your privacy or not ? And if you have doubt, you could discuss it with someone who is professional in Privacy analyze or with company it. This process might consider long, for example when you installed Microsoft product you might seen long privacy statement and ask you to accept it or reject it. Many people just accept it without read it; if you read privacy statement then you would clarify what it is about. You could find more about Microsoft Privacy Statement . You probably think that reading so many things are something not necessary and take too long just for installing a product. In some countries these statements and reading them is important NOT only from Microsoft but other products and software. There is one shortcut here to make sure that find out your privacy is reserved or NOT. There are companies that are trusted and they are reviewing Privacy Statement and read it and exam it and if it is trusted then they would give certificate of trust. One of them is Truste, you could visit their website and find out that company is respecting your privacy or not. If company listed in Truste list then you could trust that company. Note that the company should be in Truste main website and putting logo of Truste itself does NOT mean company is trusted. Some bad guys just might put logo of Truste and link you to a fake website. In order to check website and see privacy is approved or NOT has a look at: Truste website . If website is listed then company is trusted by Privacy but if NOT listed then don’t worry, just you should have check on website privacy statement and see if it trust by some other trusted parties. Some Government also has their own trust certification. When it comes to privacy ask these questions:


What information is being collect?

Why there are collect?

How long they would remain in the Company/Website?

How can I access them?

Who can access this information?

Can I remove them whenever I want to?

Is the Company/Website is trusted by other trusted privacy company or Government?


Collecting information itself is NOT a sign of privacy violence; you should know what the purpose of that is.



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