Delete or Set Spam?

Spam or Junk mail is email that will send to you without your knowledge and without your permission and mostly try to do advertising or sometimes try to act as phishing or infecting your PC. Many of technologies and tools are help us to protect ourselves against these things. In industry level Microsoft introduced a great product called Exchange Server. It come with new technology to help Mail Administrators or IT Administers, have control over their mailing environment and also make possibility for them to access from any where and any place . This product come with Anti-Spam filter and if you configure it correctly most of the Spam will block in Mail Server without reach to clients PC or Clients Emails. However sometimes Spam might get into your email client software and you should do some actions or may be your Email provider does NOT provide you a good Anti-Spam (May be you don’t have Exchange Server  J ) in that case you should make sure your email client is configure with Anti-Spam filter. In email Client, you use some email software such as Microsoft Windows Mail (NOT Hotmail) or Microsoft Office Outlook or any other email application. These programs will help you to connect to email server and download or send your email and save you action in your hard disk and keep synchronies with email server. They usually come with Anti-Spam solution. In webmail service you could access your email by webmail service that you login to website using your browser such as Internet Explorer and you check your email. In all cases you have option that you could mark your email as Junk Mail or Spam. Each Anti-Spam has its own method to detect and block Spam (Junk Mail), they block spam by blacklist (which contain domain or emails that send Spam) or by behavior or rule that apply keyword or some functions or link cause email to move to spam. However, as a user you should know when you delete a message and when you should mark email as Spam (Junk). It is making different and you should know when you mark as Spam or delete a message. The different is that when you delete a message then message could keep send you from same sender or with different senders with same contain and you just keep delete them and they keep coming but when you mark as Spam it could help you that message will define as spam and if it come it will go right to Junk filter or Anti-Spam and also if you chose to participate in customer experience program then this email will report and it will help to make Anti-Spam engine even more powerful. You should delete spam when it is email that you won’t need such as when you receive email from someone that you know and later on you feel like you don’t need it. For example you might subscribe to email newsletter from a company in order to give you promotions and after promotion time is over then you will delete message when you don’t need it. But let say you will receive an email that is suspect or send from someone that you don’t know and you feel it is spam then you should NOT delete it at the first, but instead you should mark it as junk or spam. If you don’t have Spam or Junk option then you should delete it. When you mark as Junk or Spam then email that spamming you won’t come to your index and if you chose to participate in customer experience program then it will send for analyze and in some cases it might help to stop and arrest Cybercriminals. Delete and Mark as Spam or Junk is different only in clicks but the reality is that your action would help you and many other people. I discuss customer experience program, it is option in many Microsoft Products that if you chose to join it then some information will send about your experience with program that follow your privacy (NO PERSONAL COLLECTION) which mean your personal information won’t send and you could see privacy statement and chose to join program or not and know that join this would help you and many people because it helps Microsoft or other Anti-Spam companies to make their Anti-Spam more powerful and also help legal party to arrest Cybercriminals and spammer faster and easier. In many websites you heard that delete emails that you don’t know or they are spam but better practice is to mark email that are suspect of spam as Spam. In other hand check you Anti-Spam filter (or Anti-Junk) often, because some NON-SPAM email might wrongly move to spam filter due to their behavior as Spam. In this case the best practice is instead of move them to index or normal email folder is to mark them as NOT SPAM. It also helps Anti-Spam to add NON-SPAM email as NON-SPAM and it cause email Anti-Spammer to don’t block it in future. Remember when something is a spam, then mark it as Spam instead of delete it. But when something is marked as Spam and is in junk mail then mark is as NOT Spam if it is trusted such as trusted email from friend.

Note that is some case of Malware (Virus, Worm, Spyware, Trojan …), Sometimes if your friend’s email or someone you trusted infected, and then Malware could send a message on behalf of your friend. Therefore DON’T trust any email from your friend. It is possible that your friend’s email might hacked or infected and someone or something else sending email on behalf of his or her. In this case review contains of email and if it was suspect don’t open it and don’t mark as safe or not spam. First confirm with your friend that email send from him or her and then use it and if that person is NOT aware of that then give him advise to do full scan in system with updated Anti-Virus and check Firewall and also contact Email provider that provide email service for get help with this.




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