Hello, I am from Microsoft ???!!!!!!!!

Some of you might received a call from someone who claim to be from Microsoft and he or she might told you that your PC is infected with virus or it is slow and then ask you to do something and might also ask to give your credit card number or personal information. In one word this is fraud and these calls are NOT from Microsoft. Let discuss how to detect them and then how to protect ourselves. Firstly, Microsoft will NEVER call you unless you ask them to do. If you open support request in Microsoft website or in your online form for registering Microsoft seminar you chose Microsoft to call you to inform you about new products and promotion and other cases like these then they will NOT call you.  Let see how we can determine whether call is from Microsoft or it is a fraud. When Microsoft calls you and asks to help you about Virus or other Technical problem remember these notes:

1)      In support cases you always have a support ID which indentifies that call is from Microsoft or not. When you fill support case or call Microsoft to get support then they will give you a support ID which is usually a number. You could check your support ID with support agent to make sure that call is from Microsoft.


2)      When you start a support case, and then make sure you provide some information and also your name. Then when someone calls from Microsoft would have called you by name. In these fraud cases, they probably won’t know your name and they might call you by” hello there”, “hi”, “hey there” and these not by name. If someone called from Microsoft then will call you by name and NOT only “hello” and “hi”.



3)      If you don’t call Microsoft for help, they won’t call you to help you. Microsoft might call you about new product or event or registration if you register for event, in these cases, these are only give you information and nothing about your computer problems and it is only possible if you give permission to call you before.

If you already received such fraud calls, then you could do these actions:

1)      If you already given your credit card number then contact your bank and tell them you are victim of fraud.


2)      If you already given your personal information, then try to contact department in charge of fraud in your country for help.



3)      You also might consider contacting your phone service provider (the company that provides you phone line or mobile line) and tell them about this.


If you received these calls, first make sure they are fraud and DO NOT accidently hang call on real Microsoft support. To do that think whether you called or ask support from Microsoft or NOT or may be your friend fill up support for you. And verify support ID with support agent (support ID that you have should be match by support ID that agent will tell you, support ID will give to you when you contact Microsoft for first time for request support. Make sure support agent give it to you NOT you). Note that this is in support case for promotion and other Microsoft calls there is NO support case. They you should hang on the phone if you realize that it is fraud and DO NOT give your credit card number.

This type of fraud will not only limit to Microsoft, there are possibility that people might contact you on behalf of other companies or even government agency. Therefore, you must be careful in all cases and DO NOT provides your personal information to them. Depend on country that you live; you might have Anti-Fraud organization that deal with these cases, try to find them and report these kind of fraud to them.



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