Unknown Malware! What to do?

Your Anti-Virus program will do a lot for you in order to protect you against Malware, Spyware, Rootkit, Virus, Worm and other malicious things. It will detect most of the Malware that are known and sometimes there are scenarios that there is unknown Malware that is not discovered yet. In this case your Anti-Virus has function that technically called heuristic detection. It will find unknown Malware or Virus by their behavior, it means that if there is something that try to damage system or behave like Malware it will detect and put into quarantine. For example there is application that not discovers as Virus but it will try to terminate your processor or damage sensitive part of system from what it does it will detect and put in quarantine, quarantine is something like prison and Malware there could not do anything or cause any damage but they will stay there. In next step it will submit to your Anti-Virus vendor for analyze and after they analyze they will determine that it was real virus or something that was not virus and mark as virus accidently. Sometimes real criminals will put in prison and sometimes innocent people same apply here sometimes your Anti-Virus catch Malware and sometimes catch non-Malware. After analyze if it was NOT malware it will release from quarantine and if it was Malware it will removed. How does it determine is after submission and analyze new signature will release and it will add new things in your PC. As a user you should update your Anti-Virus in order to protect against new Malware. This method will help user to be protect from known and unknown Malware, sometime this method of detection lead you to something that we call it as False-Positive. It means that there is application or program that is useful and safe but it accidently detect as Malware and will block. But it will usually could be resolve easily by update or put program in exception list or contact customer service. I also mention about submission of Malware to your Anti-Virus vendor, which is a company that manufacture your Anti-Virus, this submission is according to privacy statement that when you install your Anti-Virus it will mentions in privacy statement that we collect sample or ask you to participate in it. In Microsoft it called SpyNet; it is not spy or stole something doesn’t worry J . If you join it then it will ask you to submit sample that are detect as Malware but they might not be real Malware or there is Malware that might be new and not discover yet, therefore join this and submit sample will help you and many people all over the world as well as your Anti-Virus vendor to bring better protection and also note these submission will NOT contain any personal information about you and something against your privacy , please read privacy statement of your Anti-Virus vendor for more detail. Therefore with these technologies it is possible to detect Malware that are known and also new Malware that are unknown and not discovered by Anti-Virus companies. However, all of these will not bring you 100% protection, these will bring great protection but it is not 100% yet. Hence, sometimes you should do something. If you find Malware that will not detect with updated Anti-Virus, you should submit sample manually. It does not mean that you should do it everyday. This situation might happen a few times or never, because Anti-Virus will take care of most of things but not everything.  Submission might take your time but the important point is that you are helping yourself and many other people all over the globe to bring better protection together. If you already infected and you don’t know what you should do and what to submit the best way is contact to your Anti-Virus vendor such as McAfee, Symantec, CA …. . However, if you don’t have any Anti-Virus in your PC install one and run full scan or contact Microsoft Malware Protection team for help against Malware.

About submission you should refer to your Anti-Virus manufacture and ask them or visit their website and check how you can submit sample. Each company have different way of submission, if you are using Microsoft Anti-Virus Product you could submit sample in following website:


If you don’t have any manufacture or you just want to submit sample to someone you also could use the above website. Virus, Malware, Spyware and all of these could be risky and scary but together we could stand against them and bring up better computer and malware protection.




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