Better protection using IE8

NSSLabs conducts another test about web browser security. The interesting part here is that according to their report and the test result, Internet Explorer 8, still have greater protection against Social Engineered Malware compare to other browsers. What it mean here is simple, if you want to be protect in Cyberspace, I recommend you to use Internet Explorer 8. Below is graph from NSSLabs:




The blue color is the first test that they conduct; green color is their next test and red color, is their last test, as you can see Internet Explorer keeps improving. Internet Explorer 8, come with new feature called SmartScreen Filter, it contain both Anti-Malware and Anti-Phishing. In this test Anti-Malware feature has been tested and as you can see it shows great protection. In the internet there are so many good things for playing game, find books, do research and Internet is a great world.  However, there are dangerous and malicious things in the Internet that could harm you or your PC. You know how Malware could harm your PC as your PC might already infect with Malware by downloading Bad things. Harm you mean harms your privacy, what if someone enters your PC and views your personal information and post your picture all over the net or blackmail you. SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer will help you a lot with great protection against bad things. It will block bad things for you and will not let Malware website to damage you.  However, protection is NOT 100%. But it doesn’t mean that you should give up. Whenever you face to website that detect as Malware (or bad website) but it is not, you always could report it to re-review and if website is harmful and not block by Internet Explorer, you could always report it. Using Safety->SmartScreen Filter->Report Unsafe Website, it will help Microsoft to enhance protection in Internet Explorer 8, and by doing this you will also help protect millions of user all over the world. Remember Security is not standalone task, in order to become successful against bad guys and secure our Cyberspace (Internet) we need work together. Report unsafe website using Internet Explorer 8 is easy and it will be helpful; please report any unsafe website that might not detect using that. Note that it is Internet Explorer 8 , if you have older version check your Windows update or contact your system administer in order to help you. I also recommend you to have looked at this.

To view complete report of NSSlabs that I mention before please have looked at:

Graph also copied from the report.




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