Malicious Software Removal Tool

When your Windows will get update, Malware also will remove from your PC. In Microsoft update, there is update that called Malicious Software Removal Tool. During update it will update and will run quick scan. If you are infected with Malware such as Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware and more it will find and remove them. Here I should note something; it will not detect and remove all Malware. It only contains Malware that are spread so quickly around the world and infecting PCs all over the world and also Malware those are very dangerous. It will do Quick scan and not full scan during Windows Update. What I want to say here is that this tool is great but will not replace with your Anti-Virus. Don’t think that if you are getting update every month all of your Malware will remove. It is just a quick and fast tool to help you get ride of dangerous risks and in case of infection of Worm, removing those Worms from your PC will protect network that help that don’t spread over network from your PC. The question that many people will ask is that why we need this tool. Users are not careful and most of the time they won’t listen to IT Professional people. We always ask them to use Genuine Software, Update Windows, and Install Anti-Virus and keep it update. If they really listen to these things, then tool like Malicious Software Removal Tool will not detect any infections. But reality is that it does and it will help millions of users (careless users) all over the world. If this tool show you any infections, then it means that your PC is deeply infected and you should do full scan. Sometimes Malware will stop you from downloading and accessing Security scanner websites. For example, if you are infected the good thing is to log on to Microsoft Online Scanner and do full scan to remove threats, but Malware will stop you from viewing those websites. This tool could remove this kind of Malware and remove them and help you to do next protection step. The good thing is that it always inside your PC and you could call it every time that you face to problem to do just a basic scan (if you don’t have any scanner).

To access Malicious Software Remove Tool, you could do follow these steps:



Start Command Prompt

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, you just go to Start and in search box

And then type:


Then follow steps to do full or Quick scan. This tool will help you when you believe that you are infected and you don’t have any Anti-Virus and you also could not Visit Online Scanner websites because they will block by Anti-Virus and you could use this tool to do scan and get ride of threats and then do next steps which is Online Scanner and Install Anti-Virus. I talked about Microsoft Safety Scanner, again here is link for scan using online scanner:

Windows XP

Windows Vista /Windows 7

Here is screenshot of the tool, as you see it will say that it will NOT replace with Anti-Virus. During Windows Update, you will not see this interface because it will do scan during update process. If you run it, then you will the interface. Also you could download it from Microsoft website any time that you want:




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