Why we need update?

In computer security, we always ask users to update Windows, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and all other software and applications that they have. Update is not only resolving security problems but also it will help software to work better and more reliable. First, let me explain why we need update. The reason for update is that technology is keeping improving and new thing are discover, in the other hand user might use software in several different way and use many different applications. For example you just ask to name all of applications and software that are in the software world. I could say they are uncountable, and people are building more and newest Software and application. Also Windows itself is a big world; you could use it in many different ways. Sometimes new ways might discover that someone use it and access your PC unauthorized and without your permission, it called vulnerability. It is present in all Operating System including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris and others. Researchers will work on Operating System to find a Vulnerability or Security bug and then resolve it. The good thing is that most of Vulnerabilities are discovered by researchers and good guys and before bad guys find it, they would resolve. I said resolve, how they resolve it is update, when you do update from user viewpoint, you will see update downloading and installing and might ask you to restart your Operating System. But what really happen is that your system would protect against newest way to hack it. In top level researcher will discuss about new types of attacks and ways to defend it and bad guys look for new ways to damage you. What is in user level is that keep your system update. Update is like upgrade of your weapon. Many years ago people use sword and bow in wars. Nowadays people use gun in wars. Due to developing technology new weapon innovated. If you do not update your System, it is like that you have sword and you try to fight with enemy that have gun. You will fail; update will change your sword with gun in your system. However, the sword and gun example are just to make it more understandable for you. In computer security we are help users to defend themselves and protect against bad guys not go in war with someone. Update will help your system to have latest defend method against latest attacks. It also helps to make your system more usable and resolve many problems. Manufactures of software are always in research to make their system more secure and reliable, but in order to give service to you they will use update. Due to time and speed of development of technology , new bugs and problem might be discover, they are not come with Operating System or software but due to different factor they would discover. And they would find a way to debug or resolve problem or vulnerability. But they design and write a code to do that and they will give it to you using update. In Anti-Virus products they will do research to discover new Malware and new risk and then find a way to stop them and the solution will create as something we call as patch which is apply by update. In order to stop hackers and stop Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware) and have better experience as user make sure you are update. Hackers love systems that are NOT getting update, because out-of-date software is easier to hack. As I said in example, hacker will use gun to war with users that only have sword. One of the reasons that I always encourage user that do not use pirate software (non-genuine) is that they won’t get any update. I have seen non-genuine software that show they are updating and show they are installing and downloading patches. Don’t trick with them, their updates are fake and not real. Make sure your Windows, Anti-Virus and all of your software are getting update and are protected in order to be more safe and secure and be protecting against hackers.


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