Link to Malware from YouTube

YouTube is a website that people could upload video and watch video. It becomes popular nowadays and many of internet users visit that website. However, popular things for users also are popular things for bad guys, because they want damage more people. Therefore, bad guys again try to plan something against internet users and try to harm them. Here is one of the examples of how bad people try to get advantage of websites such as YouTube to harm you. Have a look at image below; it is one of the examples of attack.




 On the right side of this page it is a link to a website that contains Malware (don’t look for it I removed that part). First question that you should ask before click the link is ‘why this content will remove?’ What user usually does is that click the link (that they should not) and link to a website similar to below one.



Here is when the real story will began, the website ask you download an Active X, look at Active X message carefully, it is not from Windows, because ActiveX in Internet Explorer is blue bar on the top not this message. If you click on continue it will install a Malware for you and that easy you will infected. See how far you go, from watching video in YouTube till downloading Malware. Again Malware is Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware, Rootkit and all of these bad things that will harm your PC or your Privacy or both. Now let me tell you how to defend this, if you are using Internet Explorer 8, you will have SmartScreen Filter , It should block the website that contain Malware , if not then use Safety->SmartScreen Filter->Report Unsafe Website to report these bad website if they are not detect by Internet Explorer 8. Then let say you install Malware, your Anti-Virus is there to detect it and remove it for you. I recommend that in this case you also inform YouTube team about the issue by following URL:

And tell them that this website links me to a Malware and put complete URL of YouTube website that contain Malware. Do not trust any one and any link, make sure you that if you are visiting a Video in YouTube website, you will see it right there and not in external link or website or do not trust links that say that to view complete Video visit following website. Internet Explorer 8 and Anti-Virus are there to help you but you must be careful and report any suspect security issue to person in charge of Security in website, in this case YouTube Security Team.


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