Is Windows Secure Enough?

Malware, Spyware, Adware, Trojan, Keylogger, Rootkit, Backdoor, Worm, Virus, Vulnerability, Threat, all or some of these word might be familiar for you but there is one thing common in all of them that they are scary and troublesome for users sometimes. Some of these words as word will have positive meaning and they are helpful but here we are going to discuss them as malicious concept. How to defend them? How to stop Hackers, Worms, Trojans and all of these bad things?

Talking about these remind many people of Windows Operating System, some people think that they are only apply to Windows and nothing will happen to them when they use other Operating System such as Macintosh or  Linux or other platforms. This is one thing that people believe that all of these bad things (Malware, Worm, Trojan, and Virus, Hacking) are only working on Windows not any other platforms (Mac/Linux/Unix…). This is wrong idea that many people are believe on it. The reason that many Malware and Risks are design and create for Windows (or targeting Windows Operating System) is because majority of people across the world are using Windows. You just put yourself as a bad guy (Hacker or Someone who write or design a Malware or Virus), you want to have something that damage many people and make sure your malicious code will run on most of the system all over the world, then what you will do? Will you choose to develop it and make sure it will run in Windows that majority of the global user using it? Or you will choose Linux or Mac that less people are using them (compare to Windows in Global view of usage of Operating System)? I am sure that you know the answer; you want to harm more people and damage more people so you chose something that makes sure work in most PCs all over the world. Note that I said you put yourself as a bad guy, I am not giving any tip and these are facts. Another issue is about software piracy as I described before , Linux is open source and free , therefore no one look for crack Linux and you will not see pirate version of Linux , it is free and code is free , whether you download from Internet or you copy it hundreds of thousand time that is OK. In Macintosh, we do have some level of piracy but they are few, I look into it and I find something interesting. User prefers to use Macintosh as Operating System not because of Operating System (OS) itself, but mostly because of hardware design of Apple Computers. They said that we like the Hardware design of Apple and that’s why we use Macintosh (Mac OS). Windows is Operating System that usually is prefers for many users that independent of Hardware Company they could but it and installs it in several brands of Computer Hardware Manufactures (IBM, Sony, Toshiba, Dell …), in this case people will do cracking and pirate version will came up. Because Windows is not free like Linux and is not something that people force to buy it because of nice Hardware, you could setup your own Hardware or buy a PC and install Windows as you like. There are options of Laptop and Desktop PC that Windows is preinstalled (it called OEM) but it is not enforcement for user to use Windows when you buy laptop, it is just an option. Then user in order to reduce price of PC will usually ask option without operating system or sometimes (free MS-DOS) which I think it is also same as without Operating System and then look to get pirate version and in reality you will see that among Operating System Companies, Microsoft (Manufacture of Windows OS) is the one who is doing a lot of work to protect users against Software Piracy. And as I said pirate software are one of the main hacker’s tools and in one word I could say when you use Pirate Software then your PC already been hacked.

I would like to give some suggestions here; that in order to have Secure Computing, You do not have to worry about Windows (Security is about how to design a secure System and how to plan secure strategy). If you have issue of Hacking and Virus and Malware and Trojan and data loss in Windows, you have same thing in Macintosh and Linux too, but with different menu. Remember these things in order to stay Secure:

1)      Use Genuine Windows and Anti-Virus (Windows will always ask you to download Anti-Virus) and make sure everything that you have are Genuine.


2)      Keep all of them (Windows, Anti-Virus and all of your applications) update.


3)      Call support when you are in trouble



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