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When you are browsing in the internet, there is certain information that will share about you. The website owner might be able to access some of this information. This information will share if the requested to share and it is platform independent, which means that, will be same if you are using any operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It is also browser independent, it does not matter whether, and you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox or Safari. Some users think that by changing operating system or browser they would be safe against sharing some information, which is not. This information will be share when you are visiting a website:

1)      Your PC’s time


2)      Your Dynamic IP address


3)      Your host (ISP or Server that you are connecting)


4)      Proxy Server (if you have)


5)      Your geographic  location (country and city or state)


6)      Your default language (that you set in your browser)


7)      Your operating System (Windows, Macintosh…)


8)      Your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox…)


When these information being share, many people might think that their privacy would be at risk. Firstly, let me give you the worse scenario, that you have visiting a website that contains this information. Your PC time is the time that you setup in your PC (your current PC time). Bad guys only will see what time it is there and only thing here is that if it is very late hour for example 2:00 AM in morning they might thin that you are away from your PC. However, if they want to do bad thing when you are not there, they can’t because your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware and Firewall are there and doing scanning and updating time to time and also in most of time if you are also in front of your PC , then you couldn’t do much to protect your PC. Your dynamic IP address will share, it is dynamic and just by disconnecting from network and reconnect you could change it. Hacker might use it to send you Malware package and try to hack you, but your firewall will block them (if it is on and update). In the other hand, bad hackers usually generate random IP and try to hack people by random generate IP and they IP that will generate might or might not exist. You’re ISP or your host is the place that you are connecting and getting your internet service, your Internet Service Provider. Is the one that you pay to it in order to get internet service or might be free service that you get from Company or University.  Sometimes you have proxy, in most cases you don’t have proxy and it is not a big thing to be bothered. From your IP, your geographic location could be determining you City, State or Country that you are connecting to internet from it. Mostly, it will not give exact location and if give there is no problem because many people are staying in there and many of them might use that ISP and no one could tell who are you from your state/city and your ISP. Default language is also might be use to know how to trick you , when they know your language they will try to use it to communicate with you but the issue is they don’t have clue that how to communicate with you. Your operating system and browser are give them information that how to hack you. As long as you are using the latest browser there is no problem. For example Internet Explorer 7 and 8 came with anti-phishing that detect website that try to steal your information. But earlier version does not have this feature; therefore they could show you are phishing website. It also does not make sense, they will show phishing website if you use Internet Explorer 8 or 5. But if you use Internet Explorer 8, it will block it. As long as you are running update Anti-Virus , Anti-Spyware and Update all of them and you are using Genuine Software and Update Operating System , these information could not help them much to hurt you. As long as Cybercriminals usually using randomly IP Address and if it is valid then they also could find your location without you visit their website. As a conclusion, sharing this information over network is something safe and will not violence privacy. Your name, your Credit Card number, your Social Security Number, your ID, your family image and your exact address will NOT reveal by these information.

However, this information would be very useful when they share in a website; they make things easier for you that are the reason why they are being share. Your Browser and Operating System will share in order to help you, especially when you download something. Remember that when you want to download something it will ask you what is your operating system? (Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7) and also ask what is your browser when you want to download a plug in such as flash player. Now, if you go to Adobe website to download flash player, it will not ask you about your operating system and browser, it will automatically detect it and ask you to download it. Flash player for Windows and Macintosh and Internet Explorer and Firefox are different files but instead of ask you what is this and that, it will just ask you to download which one rather than ask you question and usually people will get confuse that which version of what operating system or browser they are running. Information about your default language is also very useful. All people all around the world are not familiar with English language. When you know their default language (the language that they know), you could detect website in their language. For example, if your default language is German, then when you visit Microsoft website it will show Microsoft website in German language and show Microsoft Germany for you and user not need to look where to change language in the main page. Proxy and ISP also will use in some cases, especially when you get technical support. For example, when you visit a website to do troubleshoot, the problem might case by proxy or your ISP have problem and instead of calling the technical support and they tell thousand of times to thousands of users that this problem is cause by proxy or your ISP not from our product, they will detect it and give you a message. Your current time is also use for troubleshoot. When they know your location by IP address they will know local time there and if your local time is not match your current time they will give you warning that your PC time is not correct please correct it(PC time is not match local time). About location that will generate base on IP Address, it is very useful. For example you are using Bing search to do some search, Bing is search engine of Microsoft and they setup different servers all over the world, in searching industry competition is about result of search and speed of response. Your location will help you to get best result and in faster way, same apply when you check your email. If you are living in U.S. then whenever you check email or do search your connecting servers in North America. However, if you travel to Asia, then you will connect to Asia server in order to get better speed of response. You may not see this process but it happen behind the scenes by finding where you are and connect you to nearest server rather than connect you back to U.S. and send all result back to U.S. and it will take too long. I hope you understand that why these technologies are useful and will not hurt you and your privacy. There are some ways to change this information using certain software that will show wrong location. However, I am not recommending you to use them. Because, sharing these information will give you a lot of benefits and save your time (as I explained) and will not reveal your identity.




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